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Free VST Plugins, Reaper Tutorials and Guitar Lessons

Untidy Music is a home based project studio and home to Back Bone Shiver, The Number 13 and theBigRED.

It's also a website that deals with the problems/solutions of running a budget recording setup.

From using Reaper and Ubuntu Studio, the best of the free VST plugins out there and getting the most out of your recordings and compositions.

There are alot of older articles as well about EMU samplers, Cakewalk Sonar and older M-Audio interfaces.

Reaper, Hackintosh, Ubuntu Studio...

Reaper tutorials, drum sequencing, piano roll, midi setup

I'll be talking about my new studio, the integration of iPads, iPhones, Ubuntu Studio, Guitarix, UAD and any new VST plugins I have.

Composition, Recording, Producing and Mastering

I'll also be writing about the processes I use to create music wether it's an instrumental or a song.

In between I'll be adding my thoughts on what software and equipment I use and as I go any problems I come across.

Online Guitar Tuition...

Chords, Scales and Exercises for guitar, a free online guitar tuition resource

Get the best out of your playing.

Advice on buying electric and acoustic guitars for beginners