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Mastering – Useful Articles

List of Free VST Mastering Plugins Harmony Central: 10 Essential Mastering Tips Tweakheadz: How to use software processors to finalise your mix Sound On sound: CD Mastering On Your PC: Tools & Techniques 20 Tips On Home Mastering Home Recording Connection: Premastering and Mastering Premastering www.har-bal.com: The Mastering Tutorial

PC Based Drums – Useful Articles

Sound On Sound: Effective Drum Programming Part 1 Effective Drum Programming Part 2 Recording Drums Tweakheadz: Midi Drum Traps and Tips Homerecording.about.Com: How to record drums Recordingeq.com Recording & mixing drums

Emu Esi32 Sampler

Great little sampler, I have 2 at the moment and intend to invest in a couple of ESI2000’s or ESI4000’s. Upgradable to 32meg this sampler sounds great, but if your intending to have thousands of real orchestral sounds be warned. 32meg these days ain’t a lot. Hence the reason I have two and intend to […]


Shortcuts can save an awful time and help eliminate reliance on the mouse, especially when in the middle of recording. When Recording: Press ‘R’  to start ‘Space  Bar’ to stop When  listening: ‘Space Bar’ to play ‘Space  Bar’ to stop Menu Shortcuts: To view ‘Synth Rack’ – Hold ‘Alt’ key and press ‘8′ To view […]

Setting up the sound card

Go to – ‘Options’ – ‘Audio’ Choose your preferred sound card from the drop down menu. Now we choose which kind of driver you need. If you are sure your sound card supports ‘ASIO’ then choose that option. If it doesn’t then try ‘WDM’ If you experience problems then choose ‘MME’ Make sure you click […]

Midi and Vst Instrument Setup

Click on the midi track number, As shown below. It it will turn yellow To assign the ‘Vst instrument’ Left Click the box the arrow is pointing at. Choose Vst instrument. For Vst Instruments that have several instruments assigned to different channels. If you have setup your VST to have multiple instruments on channels 1-16 […]

Optimising Pc For Music Recording

Before you start – a clean install is favoured, not necessary. A second hard drive is also recommended. 1 for operating system. 1 for audio files. I’ll update this one as I go. If it’s possible do not use PC for internet. And only install Music Software. If that’s not possible then follow the next […]

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