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Month: July 2011

Free Download – Back Bone Shiver 'Ode' – Demo

Free to download. Click Here   Lyrics: Memories turn to white lies. Flick the switch, watch and learn. No 2nd chances, bridges burnt. Bridge: I can easily shift the blame It’s not a trick, it’s not a game Chorus: Cos I know somethings will never change I can live without knowing your name. Verse 2: […]

Marshall JH-1 'The Jackhammer' Test

Marshall JH-1 ‘The jackhammer’ – Review and Test. The Jackhammer is a funny pedal, the controls are fiddly and  the Distortion is hopeless but the overdrive is very usable indeed. I picked mine up on ebay for a very good price. Therefore this review and test is based on the price I paid which was […]

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