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Month: August 2008

Jargon Busting – Latency

Latency – is something you’ll hear a lot about. It is basically the delay in analogue sound being converted to digital. It works like this – analogue signal(mic/guitar) input – converts to digital in recording – output then converts back to digital – this can cause a delay. This delay can be seen in monitored […]

Getting Started

So ok, you’ve got your PC setup and you’ve chosen your Audio/Midi package. Where do you go from here? Well, first it’s an idea to setup your pc the best you can. Optimising your pc is the first step I would recommend – follow the link to an article here. —————> Next you need to […]

Recording and Midi

So you’ve decided on your setup, now you need the software to record – So far I’ve seen two packages available, both are free to use. Reaper – A multi track audio package – rewired, vst support – midi support. Reaper (www.cockos.com) – is an outstanding peice of kit – a 64 bit audio engine, […]

Introduction – Requirements

The basics first. For a computer based recording system. A PC – today most PC’s have enough power to run a basic setup. Onboard sound cards – although not the best setup – are adequate to get started. Laptops also have this bare minimum requirement. A useful download to start with is ASIO4ALL – a […]

Mastering Plugins

X-CITA – Analog style exciter for mastering purposes, inspired on the BBE Maximizer models. Its warm sound and simplicity of using makes this exciter very suitable to add some subtle brightness in the high frequencies, and also make the lows more dense. Apart from the mastering stage, you’ll find that it can also make a […]

Hunter S Thompson

‘The rock music business is a cruel and shallow trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side.’

Mark Lamarr

“Shania ‘Oh I must remember to buy some mutton’ Twain once performed at the Nobe Peace Prize with Elton John and Phil Collins. You probably remember that year. They had to wrestle a Stanley knife off Nelson Mandela.”

James Brown

‘God made me – but I created the myth.’

Kurt Cobain

‘I wish I could have taken a class on becoming a Rock Star. It might Have prepared me for this.’

Ozzy Osbourne

‘Of all the things I’ve lost, it’s my mind I miss the most’

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