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Novation have released a batch of fresh new sounds for Bass Station users. Programmed by synth gurus from Parliament, Prodigy, The Horrors and the Radiophonic Workship!

New synth offers analogue-style patching and digital mapping generators-- Berlin-based software developers u-he have released Bazille 1.0 for Mac OS X and Window (VST, AU & AAX). Bazille...

New e-commerce site for studio/home recordists now live-- A.C. Audio have recently launched a brand new e-commerce website for Pro Audio end users and Studio / Home Recording enthusiasts -

Flagship Orchestral series completed by comprehensive percussion collection-- Virtual instrument makers EastWest have released Hollywood Orchestral Percussion, produced by the award-winning team...

The second drumkit ever owned by legendary The Who drummer Keith Moon, will go up for auction this December, and is expect to become one of the most expensive drumkits ever sold!

PA manufacturer launches new bi-amped speakers-- Alto Professional's new TX line of PA speakers build upon the technologies of the popular Truesonic range, offering...

500-series rack built in to new 24:8 format analogue desk-- SSL's new console, the XL-Desk, is a 24-input desk with eight VHD preamps, four mix buses and a built-in 18-...

We're excited to announce a new brand now available at Gear4music, a whole range of brass accessories from Denis Wick.

DOD was the original boutique effects pedal brand, in 1974. Now, five of their most legendary pedals are bacK!

TC Electronic have launched two new bass amp heads, designed to be the complete next-level for bass players who loved the BH250.

Now Thunderbolt-equipped Mac users can supercharge their systems with the acclaimed UAD plug-ins.

TC Electronic announce two portable bass heads that are powerful and big on features.


Mackie Introduces New Ultra-Affordable Compact Mixers

Mackie today announces the launch of the new Mix Series Compact Mixers with three new models:

Mix Series mixers are the most affordable mixer produced by Mackie. Designed to maintain great sounding audio from any source, the new line of compact mixers offer a feature set perfect for smaller applications. Building on Mackie’s impressive 25-year history of designing reliably rugged mixers, the new Mix Series delivers proven sound quality and straightforward features that don’t compromise in performance.

“Not every application is complex. Sometimes you just need to get the audio from point A to point B, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice on quality,” commented Matt Redmon, Mackie Sr. Product Manager. “That’s why we’ve given users a new choice – an affordable mixer series with the Mackie stamp of approval, so users on a budget never have to compromise.”

The Mix5, Mix8 and Mix12FX compact mixers feature the right mix of I/O, EQ and routing for applications that don’t require a lot of inputs or multiple racks of output. Ideal for singer/songwriters, small band rehearsals or instrumentalists on the go, Mix Series mixers deliver high-quality Mackie preamps and electronics in proven high headroom, low-noise designs. Additionally, Mix12FX offers a selection of 12 integrated effects including reverbs, choruses and delays to easily create mixes that sound great. Each model features an all-metal chassis, high-quality components and a sleek rugged design that’s built to last.

“And if your application requires a little more, you can simply step up to our bestselling ProFX, our flagship VLZ4 or Onyx lines,” Redmon concluded. “Either way, wouldn’t you rather mix on a Mackie?”

Don't we all LOVE lists? Of course we do! Here's our choice of Top 10 Best Drummers ever! Check them out!

The direction I received for this blog article was “anything goes” and “keep it fun,” so my background story will knock off 2 birds with 1 stone: a blog post that hopefully will not bore readers to death, and a therapeutic time-lapse review for me… Sorry it’s a bit long, but I am 105 years [...]

Steinberg recently donated a designated percentage of last year’s sales for the Cubase BackPack hardware/software bundle to the humanitarian organization Joint Aid Management (JAM). Since 1984 JAM offers sustainable development in Africa, with various programs about nutritional feeding, water usage and sanitation and agricultural development.

JAM spokesperson Sabine Wenz commented: “We appreciate every support we can get to implement our high-impact and long-term strategies in Africa, and generally to spread the word on the projects important to us. Thank you Steinberg for lending us a helping hand!”

Find out more about JAM at

Get your hands on free artist drum kits from the like of Thomas Lang and Johnny Rabb.

Buy Two Boss Compacts And Get A BCB30 Pedal Board Free. A complete and compact setup for guitarists from Dolphin.

Fantastic new Universal Audio Offer: Get Up to 800 in UAD Plug-Ins FREE When You Purchase an Apollo Audio Interface! Read on to find out more

Until 31st December, you can claim a free pedalboard when you purchase any 2 or more BOSS compact pedals.

Free Sounds! More expansive and expressive ways to play Roland electronic drums this winter.

Better get saving!

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~Offer Valid in the U.S. and Canada Only~

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The Mackie SRM is the most widely used portable loudspeaker ever. Packed with 1000W of power the SRM is ready for your next gig. The extremely portable SRM is loaded with features like a wide selection of sound-enhancing DSP and setup-friendly audio tools. It’s beyond powerful and provides an array of modern features making it the easiest to use and best sounding SRM ever. And of course, it’s Built-Like-A-Tank. It’s the all-new, and even more affordable, SRM.

Make SRM a part of your family:

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How to Get Your Instant Savings

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Universal Audio Announce a Limited Promo, Offering FREE Plug-ins with Apollo Interfaces. Read on for more info…

I began playing Drums when I was 8 years old after my Dad set up his old kit from the 70′s. I played for a few years until I picked up my first guitar at a second hand music shop in New Hampshire. I played for hours everyday until the noise I was making started [...]

Connect via Thunderbolt and get full access to Universal Audio's stellar collection of plugins. Accelerate your DAW and unlock a new world of sound.

We had fun coming up with this blog title. It's the latest OD masterpiece from the guys who brought you the Pork Loin.

For a limited time only you can save money on Traktor Kontrol S2 and S4. Check out our range of bundles and offers.

Gibson have revealed what they have up their sleeve for 2015, including new Les Pauls and SGs.

DJ @ Massive MonkeesInternationally renowned B-boy crew Massive Monkees have enjoyed worldwide breakdancing success for well over a decade. Their notable global wins include the 2004 International World B-Boy Championships in London, and in 2012, they became the first American dance crew to win Korea’s famed R-16 breakdance competition. In honor of their accomplishments and their ongoing community service, in 2004 former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels proclaimed April 26 as Massive Monkees Day, with the city hosting an annual celebration of the date.


This year marked the group’s 15th anniversary, and the 28-member Massive Monkees dance crew threw a “massive” street party to commemorate the milestone. The after party, held at Seattle’s ultra-hip Gallery 2312, was attended by many of the world’s top breakdancers, who flew in from around the globe to celebrate. Also in attendance were celebrity DJs including Crazy Legs from New York’s legendary Rock Steady Crew, rising star DJ Lean Rock, and Rock Steady Crew B-girl and DJ Kaotic Blaze.

“It’s one of dance music’s highest profile events,” observes Massive Monkees producer Benito Ybarra. “Gallery 2312 was really a great venue for this event. It’s one of the city’s hot spots.”

Recently, Gallery 2312 replaced its old sound system with new Mackie SRM650 loudspeakers. With its application-specific speaker modes and 1600W of High-Definition sound, Mackie’s SRM650 loudspeakers provide Gallery 2312 owner Jonathan Moore with the power and sonic flexibility required for the multi-purpose venue.

“Good sound is a big part of the events and programs we hold at 2312,” says Moore. “Whether it’s a party with a DJ, a gallery opening, or whatever, music is always a critical part of the celebration. To have great sounding, reliable gear like Mackie SRM speakers is a great fit for us.”

Mackie SRM650Ybarra adds, “I call on Mackie for sound at these kind of events because their stuff sounds fantastic. Massive Monkees have been working with Mackie for years, and we’re definitely as supportive of them as they are of us.”

Mackie’s local Seattle base is also an asset, says Moore. “It is always a plus to be able to work with folks that are accessible and can stop by and check things out as opposed to dealing with brands that might not even have a rep in the northwest, or whose HQ is somewhere around the world,” he says. “We definitely have a shared sensibility and a common understanding.”

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Up until the end of the year, Line 6 are offering a range of cash-back offers on gear from amps to guitars and wireless mics.

DJs are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to headphones, but the new HDJ-C70 by Pioneer is set to become one of the most popular models. Find out why!

To mark the 60th anniversary of its most classic creation - and arguably the world's most popular guitar - Fender have released a stunning, Limited-Edition Stratocaster.

Native Instrument's Komplete 10 is landing soon at Dolphin Music, and you can save money when buying a Komplete bundle. Check our deals!

UA once again hit the mark as they reveal the all new UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt and Ultimate 3. Read on for more info…

Music is something I’ve always loved since I was very young. I played a few different instruments throughout school. In third grade I picked up the Baritone horn in grade school and played that through my senior year or high school in the concert band. As I got older my passion for music and different [...]

How did you get started with music? When I was about 10 years old, my dad bought this acoustic guitar for himself for $20 or so. I thought it was so cool that my dad knew how to play AC/DC and Kiss songs (correctly or not made no real difference to me at the time), [...]

This video tutorial deals with setting velocities within the sequencer_megababy plugin in Reaper.

Using the Left Click of the mouse whilst holding down the CRtL(win) or CMD(mac) keys you can create edit the velocity of each beat or if you combine it with the ALT key you can control the velocity of the entire row.

Behringer V-Amp Pro – Editor

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 20.30.18


Simple yet effective CTRLR panel to connect to Behringer V-Amp Pro via midi to allow editing of sounds.

Unfortunately no way of saving presets at present because I’m not aware of how to do this effectively – work around would be to save on the V-Amp itself manually.

That said access to Speaker Cabinets, Modulation effects and parameters plus more control over reverb, autowah and delay is now available.

Turning the DRIVE on and off you will have to adjust the dial until it hits centre(12 o’clock) to turn on and double click the dial to turn it off – buttons don’t seem to work.

You will have to do this to turn EFFECT on and off – it’s not the tidiest solution granted but it works.

Hopefully I’ll get to grips with CTRLR and figure out the button problem and a workaround for saving presets – when I do I will update.

You’ll need to download CTRLR to get this to work.You find at the link below.

Download Behringer V-amp Pro Panel

CTRLR link

Now available to buy from Dolphin Music, the new Gibson models for 2015 - Les Paul, SG, Firebird and Thunderbird models, including some very affordable Gibson guitars!

International chain store Urban Outfitters has stated it's the world's biggest record seller.

tc electronic unveil their all new Version 2 alter ego echo pedal..Read on for more Info...

Trade in your old studio monitors this summer and you can earn money off Genelec's 8000 Series of studio monitors.

Beginners strumming lesson – 1 2+(3)+ 4 +

Down Down up Up Down Up

Over the past few months I have been using a different way of programming drums in Reaper.

This has involved using a JS plugin called sequencer_megababy – the benefits of using the plugin as opposed to piano roll is a much quicker workflow.

You can create up to 16 patterns all of which can be triggered via midi – either keyboard or by entering a note in piano roll.

The following video is a basic tutorial on setting up sequencer_megababy with drums to create a 1 bar pattern and then a 2 bar pattern.

I will be following up this tutorial with more in depth tutorials showing what else can be accomplished.

(note: this is the first time that I’ve used iMovie and it was a bit of a learning curve so please bear that in mind thanks.)

And cheaper if you get your upgrade at Dolphin. Reason 8 arrives soon, sleeker than ever.

Fender has made many classic models over the years, and certainly many great versions of one of its most popular guitars, the Telecaster. But few have achieved such legendary status as the late 60's Rosewood Telecaster - as used by George Harrison in the Beatles' film, Let It Be.

The TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 is one of the best PA/monitor solutions for performers, vocal presenters or lecturers who want a light but powerful enough system that's also affordable - and now it's even cheaper!

The time has come folks, hold on to your seats...Gibson revel it's 2015 Line-up...Read on for more info.

TC-Helicon have launched the Switch-6, a footswitch with, yep, 6 switches.

Sometime in middle school I started listening to bands like Static-X,Slipknot and Fear Factory and decided to start playing drums as well. My neighbors thought it was really cool. So cool they even invited local law enforcement over to listen to how awesome my high school band was. I got into school band and eventually jazz [...]

TG55 Editor – CTRLR Panel

This is my first attempt at creating a panel using CTRLR. A fantastic program created to help you gain control of all your midi equipment.

You will need to download the software to use this panel – you can get it from the link below.

You will need to read the documentation on how to install and use CTRLR but it is pretty easy.

This being my first attempt there maybe glitches but I will rectify any that I find – if you find any by all means message me via the comments below and I’ll have a look into them.

If you find this useful please share on any any platform you see fit.

Please bear in mind that this project took me a good few days to accomplish – entering code and hunting mistakes was painstaking to say the least.

That said the benefit is that I now have ultimate control over my TG55 – and it is great fun.



This was created on a mac and as such has been tested standalone and via reaper using the AU plugin component.

The AU component or VST will have to be in your DAW VST folder – once installed you can load up the panel.

Download TG55 Panel

I’ve created this so that you can use all four elements – you will need to use your TG55’s front panel for some editing such as  Initialising an instrument but everything else can be edited via the panel – snapshots can be created but I’ve found this to be a bit tricksy – I tend to save a finished sound on the TG55 itself to be on the safe side.

Loading from the TG55 to the panel is beyond my knowledge as of yet but when I can get my brain decluttered of syses information I will tackle that next.

I hope someone get’s some use out of this, I know I will and it was a steep learning curve.


Control any MIDI enabled hardware: synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, effects. Create custom User Interfaces. Host them as VST or AU plugins in your favorite DAWs.

Native Instruments are set to shape the future of DJ-ing once again, with the new Traktor Kontrol S8... come catch a glimpse!

Roland have announced the release of the SH-2 PLUG-OUT Software Synth.

For a limited time only you can save big money on Line 6 pedals, wireless systems, Amplifi combos and Variax guitars.

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If you own a Line 6 AMPLIFi„ amp, share your AMPLIFi tones for a chance to win a Relay G30 or FBV„ Shortboard MkII. The more tones you share, the more chances you have to win!


1.  [POWER] Switch Press to turn power ON or OFF.

2.  [VOICE] Key & Indicator Selects the normal voice play mode in which any of the TG55’s preset, internal or card voices can be played via a MIDI keyboard or other controller connected to the MIDI IN connector.

3. [MULTI] Key & Indicator Selects the multi-play mode in which up to 16 voices can be controlled 16 different MIDI channels via an external MIDI sequencer.

4.  [DEMO] Key Activates the built-in demonstration pieces — a great way to hear what the TG55 can do after you set up your system.

5.  [UTILITY] Key Accesses the TG55. utility functions including MIDI parameters, master tuning, transposition, overall velocity curve selection, effect on/off switching, memory card formatting and save/load operations.

6. [LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY Panel]  This 16-character x 2-line backlit liquid crystal display panel shows selected voice or multi-play setup name in the voice or multi-play mode well as function names and parameters in the utility and edit modes.

7.  [EDIT/COMPARE] Key & Indicator Activates the voice edit mode when a voice between 1 and 62 is selected the drum edit mode when voice number 63 or 64 is selected, or the multi-play edit mode if the multi-play mode is selected. Also activates the com function when in any edit mode, allowing quick comparison of the original and edited voice or multi-play setup.

8.  [STORE/COPY] Key Used to store edited data to an internal or card memory location. Also selects several handy data copy functions in the TG55 edit modes.

9. [PAGE -] and [PAGE +] Keys These keys arc used primarily to select the various function screens in TG55 voice, multi-play and drum editing modes, as well as in the utility mode.

10. [< and >] Cursor Keys Move the screen cursor from parameter to parameter in many of the TG55 editing functions.

11. [-1/NO] and [+1/YES] Keys Select voices and multi-play setups, and are used to edit parameter values in any of the TG55 edit modes. Either key can be pressed briefly for single stepping in the specified direction, or held for continuous scrolling. These keys are also used to answer the “Sure?” confirmation prompt when saving or initializing data.

12.  [DATA ENTRY] Control The [DATA ENTRY] control is the fastest way to select a value or item from a large range when editing. It can also be used to select voices in the voice play mode while the [ENTER] key is held.
13. [ENTER] and [EXIT] Keys The [ENTER] key is used to enter function subsets while editing, initiate data save and initialize operations, start demo playback, etc. The [EXIT] allows you to immediately exit from editing function subsets, exit from any editing or utility mode, stop demo playback, etc.

14.  [SELECT] Key Allows selection of voice elements and filters during voice editing.

15. [MEMORY] Key Selects the data bank — preset, internal or card — from which voices or multi-play setups will be selected.

16. [DATA and WAVE Card] Slots The DATA card slot accepts Yamaha MCD64 or MCD32 Memory Cards for storage and retrieval of TG55 voices, multi-play setups and system data. The WAVE card slot accepts, pre-programmed wave cards — i.e. cards containing sets of sampled waves for use in TG55 voices.

17.  [PHONES] Jack Accepts a standard pair of stereo headphones (1/4″ stereo phone plug) for headphone monitoring of the TG55 sound without the need for external amplification equipment.

18. [MASTER VOLUME] Control Adjusts the volume of the sound delivered via the rear-panel OUTPUT jacks and the front-panel PHONES jack.

TG55 Voicing Basics

AWM2 Waveforms

“AWM2” is an acronym for YAMAHA’s second-generation 16-bit Advanced Wave Memory. This is a digital waveform storage and reproduction system that rivals the quality of the finest compact disc players, providing unprecedented clarity and realism in the reproduction of acoustic instruments and other natural timbres. Technically speaking, AWM2 deals with 16-bit wave data sampled at 32 or 48 kilohertz, 24-bit internal signal processing, and high-resolution 22-bit digital-to-analog converters.

The TG55 contains 2 megabytes of of sampled waveform ROM, so you have a choice of 74 built-in waveforms from which to construct voices.

TG55-Preset Wave-List-Page 25

Elements and Voice Architecture
Each TG55 voice is composed of one, two or four “elements.” The only limitation is that the maximum polyphony of the TG55 is 16 (i.e. the maximum number of notes that can be played simultaneously is 16). This means that a 1-element voice can produce the full 16 notes, while a “layered” 2-element voice can produce 8, and a layered 4-element voice can produce 4.
TG55-Page 25

Create some space for two new pedals from TC. Ambient reverbs and wild delays.

If you want to know about me, including multiple probably surprising facts, One Louder magazine did a pretty comprehensive interview just before I joined Gibson. In fact I’m surprised I was asked to participate in “Meet the Bakers,” because I’m really just an honorary baker…but apparently all these software guys need someone with hardware experience [...]

Fender have really nailed it in the modelling amp category: this little beast is an excellent amp for home practice and recording.

A new version of Steinberg’s renowned iPad app Cubasis is now available for download from the App Store. Version 1.8.2 supports iOS 8 and includes the Audiobus 2.1.3 SDK with the possibility to monitor Audiobus tracks. The update also fixes some minor bugs and is recommended for all users of Cubasis. Download Cubasis 1.8.2 update from the Apple App Store Find out more about Cubasis  

These days, some professional mixing and recording engineers are doing work for major labels completely missed the analogue age. Others are still mixing on consoles.  We have come to a point where there really is no “right” or “wrong” in terms of mixing.  Some tracks are mixed so perfectly that they are not signed off [...]

The Gibson Les Paul is probably the most revered and desired rock'n'roll guitar of all time. But it wasn't always this way. Let's have a look at 7 crucial moments that put the Les Paul on the map!

Electro Harmonix have announced the arrival of the Turnip Greens pedal, a combination of the Soul Food overdrive and Holy Grail Max reverb.

Electro-Harmonix have announced a new FX pedal, the Turnip Greens, that puts a Holy Grail Max reverb and a Soul Food together into one neat package

Classic manufacturer of quality Valve amps, Orange has now released some very exciting-looking guitar starter packages. Check them out!

In a new Music Lesson boom, more kids than ever are playing an instrument, with electric guitar now more popular than violin. Keyboard is still the Number One choice for children. Find out more

The latest release from Electro Harmonix - the B9 Organ Machine. It turns your guitar into an organ, and it does it unbelievably well.

Avid have just released two new audio interfaces, that are truly portable professional music studios!

Hans Zimmer has just announced two dates in London next month. These are sure to be hot tickets! Find out more, and check our Hans Zimmer Gear Guide!

If you're starting university soon, you might be moving away and leaving your current band. But don't fear freshers, there will be plenty of musicians around for you to make new music with.

The Numark NDX500 is a DJ controller and USB/CD player, allowing you to control DJ software using the built-in audio interface and play music from a CD or flash drive.

An original Clockworks can fetch over 790 on Ebay, but now Electro-Harmonix is re-releasing it at a much more affordable price! Find out more

Liverpool - home of Dolphin Music - has a rich story in Dance Music, and a new documetary tells about the birth of its house music scene and the rise of Cream, the legendary super club.

1. SONAR has redefined mixing in the box. The ProChannel redefines the way you work with the Console View. Each audio track, instrument track, and bus comes with a complete modular strip of analog effects. Even the inspector allows the users to preview a selected track’s ProChannel strip right from the Track View. With the click [...]

How did you get started with music? The Beatles began my lifelong love and appreciation of music, at the age of 9. I consider myself extremely lucky to have grown up in an era with some of the most iconic bands in history. Being able to see The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stone, Jimi Hendrix, [...]

The latest update packages of Windows appear to cause crashes when launching a Cubase/Nuendo project. Please read the following Knowledge Base article to learn how to resolve this issue: Knowledge Base article

We've added lots of new, exciting Fender products to our website. As we write this, they're all IN STOCK, but some are very limited... so check them out NOW!

Two of the newest - and hottest - Epiphone semi-hollow models have been awarded "Platinum Award for Excellence" on the latest issue of Guitar World magazine.

Pro Tools and Apogee Join Forces for new Quartet and Duet Pro Tools Interfaces

I became obsessed with music when I was around 11 years old and my brothers left behind their collection of cassette tapes when they went on to college. They were mostly classic rock albums – Led Zeppelin I, II, and III, Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced, Pink Floyd’s The Wall and everything in between. I [...]

The ABRSM Making Music report intended to offer insights into how music is taught and played in the UK.

Introduction Have you ever recorded a song that isn’t set to any type of tempo? Or maybe you have just have to make a click track for your songs? Well SONAR can certainly help that in that department. One of the great things about SONAR is it’s flexibility across different types of workflows. In this [...]

How did you get started with music? My dad played guitar in a cover band when I was growing up, so right from the start I knew I wanted to pick it up for myself. I played a few other instruments when I was in middle/high school as well, but really got into playing guitar [...]

A petition to adopt the agent of change principle has been started, aiming to adapt the planning laws which threaten closure of UK music venues.

Avid Pro Tools Duet and Quartet are personal professional music studios, designed for singer-songwriters and loop-based musicians.

We're giving away a pair of Wharfedale Pro Titan 12D Speakers in our latest competition.

The Chair of Judges, Simon Frith, says the list "confirms that these are fascinating times for UK music".

[Originally posted as a daily tip on the SONAR forums and reposted for viewers here on the blog.] The Overachieving Meters by Craig Anderton To change resolution for any audio meter, in any view, right-click on it and choose a range of 12, 24, 42, 60, 78, or 90 dB. Each meter can have its own range. [...]

Combined audio interface and USB hub designed to sit at the heart of your setup.

The Novation Audiohub is an electronic music hub, a compact audio interface and USB hub with Focusrite-quality sound inside.

Created by sound designer and composer Simon Stockhausen comes our second signature VST Sound Instrument Set Granular Guitars.

Exclusively made for the Padshop Pro and Padshop instruments based on granular synthesis, Granular Guitars spans close to three gigabytes of samples covering acoustic and electric guitars, psaltery, celtic harp and oud. Also included are 260 presets that provide beautiful textures and different approaches to guitar distortion among the many exciting sounds Granular Guitars has to offer.

Simon Stockhausen said: “My love for guitars and other plucked or bowed string instruments is manifested in the sound library of Granular Guitars.”

Read more

Ibanez have created the RGKP6 Guitar and SRKP4 Bass with a special compartment for a Korg mini kaoss pad 2S, letting you experiment with your musical identity.

The latest portable PA offerings from Yamaha incorporate high end DSP and intelligent amp design.

The holy trinity of drum machines, samplers and synths that fall in the category of all things groovebox. Here are our favourites and their contemporary updates.

I began classical piano lessons at around age 9, and at age 14 after hearing Metallica for the first time I convinced my dad to get me an electric guitar for my birthday. After that I was hooked. I jammed along to Metallica, AC/DC, and Guns N Roses record for several years before attempting to [...]