Like a lot of people, artist and musician Ilan Laks came to Los Angeles with a dream. The owner of Audio Cinema, an art space in Portland, OR, Laks moved to Los Angeles with a goal of establishing a similar space to cater to the thriving Southern California art scene. Honing his focus to a few square blocks along the artistically fertile Pico-Robertson corridor, Laks found the space he’d been dreaming of — a former 1920s cinema house that offers a cozy and welcoming vibe with the versatility to cover a wide range of uses.

“We offer music and movement workshops, art classes for kids and adults, songwriting classes, we hold performance events, parties, and a number of other functions,” Laks explains. The storefront that is home to Robertson Art Space (RAS) has long ago been converted from a cinema to a more multi-purpose use, but the stage itself retains its original character. “The stage just sounds amazing,” Laks enthuses.

Among the regular events at RAS is a monthly showcase called Live at RAS, where local singers, songwriters, and other performers can come in and present a short set in front of a live audience. And thanks to their new Mackie DL32R digital mixer, every performer gets to leave with a full multitrack recording of their set.

“We were originally looking at the DL32R at the NAMM show and thinking it was an ideal fit for RAS,” recalls Matthew Shterenberg, RAS Technical Director and Songwriting teacher. “And the more we looked into it, the more certain we were.”

“We were originally drawn to the DL32R because of the iPad control,” says Laks. “This is not a very large space, and there’s really nowhere to feasibly fit a full size Front of House console. So the concept of having the rack on stage and being able to mix on an iPad from anywhere in the house was very appealing.”

“At NAMM, the Mackie guys were showing us through the DL32R’s feature set, and the more we saw, the more perfect it was for us,” Shterenberg continues. “Usually there are two of us, myself and another engineer, and the idea that one of us could be mixing the mains from somewhere in the house and the other up on stage doing monitors would really make a difference.”

But it was the DL32R’s plug-and-play recording functionality that has become the icing on the proverbial cake. “I can just plug in a drive and get a multitrack recording, or I can plug the DL32R directly into my laptop and capture and edit the show in Logic,” says Shterenberg. “It really streamlines the whole process. We can literally give people a recording before they leave.”

Laks agrees. “For our performers, it’s great for them to know that anytime they play here at RAS, they can come away with a great sounding recording. For an artist, that’s just ideal, and for us, it’s such a wonderful thing to be able to offer our performers and our students.”

Donovan Knight, better known as D.K. the Punisher, is a producer/songwriter/DJ from Baltimore, MD. D.K.’s journey with music began in 2000 at age 8 when he began rapping, and continued 4 years later when he began making beats for himself and other rappers. D.K. has produced records for Dom Kennedy, Mac Miller and many others.

In 2013 D.K. produced Justin Bieber's single All That Matters,  along with Andre Harris.

D.K. dropped a few beats to Propellerhead for you to build on, and we also got a chance to ask him how Reason helps in his music making.


When you load up a brand new Reason song, what’s the very first thing you do?
First I do is start browsing through sounds. I have a dope template set up already, so all I have to do is search until something catches my ear.

In what way is Reason helping you in your music making?
Just by completely facilitating my creative process. Reason is sort of responsible for the way I approach music making, even in other DAWs. I like to tweak and create my own sounds a lot to give an advantage over my peers.

The three most used devices in your Reason rack?
NN-XT, Subtractor, Combinator

What’s your all-time favorite album?
Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life

What advice would you give to other people who are motivated to become more creative in their music making?
Explore as many types of music and experiences as possible. Inspiration is everything, and having many points of reference when it comes to creating is just as crucial.



Pigtronix announce two new pitch shifting multi-tap delay pedals at summer NAMM 2015

Make huge savings on Toontrack, iZotope, Rob Papen and more!-- Time+Space’s Summer Sound Specials are...

Electro Harmonix have officially lifted the lid on their new 22500 Dual Stereo Looper pedal at Summer NAMM 2015, Nashville, TN.

Infinite-baffle passive monitors-- A permanent fixture in countless professional recording studios since the 1970s, the Auratone 5C remains the...

Distortion and new effects loop routing for H9 series pedals-- In their entire 40 year history, Eventide have never produced a processor dedicated entirely to...

Digital delay stompbox-- Filled with newly developed Boss technology, the DD-500 has been dubbed by its makers, “the most...

Low-frequency capture mic-- Capturing the full weight and power of the kick drum is a key recording challenge. Inside, outside and multi-mic...

Use your voice



on 2015-7-10 3:34pm GMT

Use your voice on Propellerhead this week!

The Sing to this-feed has been updated with new backing tracks from the Propellerhead community, just waiting for the perfect vocal hook. Add your voice with Take or Reason and join the music making!

Want a chance to have your song featured in the Sing to this-feed? Simply add (Sing to this) to your song title!

Vocal focus

There are plenty of talented singers and rappers making music on Propellerhead. We've compiled some of our favorite vocalists in this feed, from breezy bossa vocals to high-energy rap. Check it out!

Our favorite spaces

Last week, we asked you to create some space in your music with reverb. After listening to all the creative entries, we've picked our favorites. Check out our selection of lush, reverberated pieces!

We've just released a maintenance update for our remote recording solution, VST Connect Pro. Update version 3.0.40 includes the client application, VST Connect Performer, and is now freely available as download for Mac computers and PCs. The detailed overview of improvements is to be found in the Version History file on the Download page.  Download VST Connect Pro 3.0.40

Up to now the full retail version of HALion Sonic 2 had to be boxed. Today’s news is, it’s now also available as download version, which can be purchased exclusively through the Steinberg Online Shop. A 30-day trial version is now also available for download.

HALion Sonic 2 breaks new ground in terms of instrument quality, versatility and ease of use. With 2,500 first-class synths, acoustic/hybrid instruments, sound-shaping options and effects, HALion Sonic 2 is a one-of-its-kind software workstation. Buy now
Download trial
Details on HALion Sonic

Give your acoustic guitar the beautiful, full-bodied sound it deserves with the TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer, new for 2015.

Revolutionize the way you experience music with the ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage 61 key synthesizer.

Introducing the RV-6 Reverb Pedal, DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal and JC-40 Guitar Amplifier; three brand new Roland products for summer NAMM 2015.

After weeks of teasers, Yamaha have finally revealed their new reface range, featuring two synthesizers, a combo organ and an electric stage piano.

Akai have officially lifted the lid on their new MPD MIDI controller series.

Buy a Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip and claim your UAD-2 Quad DSP Accelerator FREE! Read on for more info...

Summer officially kicked off in June with plenty of BBQ’s, beaches and Pro SONAR users doing some extraordinary things.  June also offered the SONAR Platinum Everett update which introduced the world’s most technologically advanced drum replacement feature.  Here are some highlights from last month on a few of the many hard working professionals using SONAR. [...]

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl returns to the stage in spectacular style, in a chair fit for rock royalty.


Some good plugins on offer over the weekend including the awesome Element Analog Synth virtual instrument at $79 – a steal.

Check them out at Waves

In July only, you can claim a FREE guitar audio interface directly with Epiphone, if you buy select Epiphone guitars.

iZotope offering their critically-acclaimed mastering software Ozone 6.1 for 135, until 30th July 2015.

As you might know, Windows 10 should be out and about on July 29, 2015. We'll soon begin with a series of compatibility tests for all Steinberg software and hardware products with a close-to-final build of Windows 10, and this will allow us to provide you with compatibility information right in time before the official release. We recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10 until final testing results are available as it might turn out that some Steinberg products need to be updated to ensure full compatibility. We'll keep you posted.

Huge Spaces



on 2015-7-03 1:58pm GMT

Huge Spaces

With the release of Reason 8.3 and the new RV7000 MkII, we've been obsessed with reverberation at PropellerHQ. Join the convolution revolution and show off your biggest spaces! Create a reverb-heavy piece or sound, name it #reverb and drop it to Propellerhead. We'll feature our favorites next week!

The RV7000 MkII in action

Hear how the convolution reverb in RV7000 MkII sounds in this feed of sound examples. Or use one of the sound examples as the starting point of your next masterpiece!

Want to learn more about the new RV7000 MkII? Check out this video!

Our favorite solos

Last week we wanted to hear your solo, and wow did you deliver! Guitar, saxophone, analog synth, singing and even a shamisen; here are our favorite solos.


We're pleased to announce we're part of the Native Instruments Authorised Dealership scheme. Find out more.

MAC-HipHopIsr01Founded in 2002, Hip Hop International is one of the world’s pre-eminent organizations dedicated to promoting the culture of street art, including hip hop and breakdance. The force behind numerous live and televised dance competitions, HHI is represented by regional licensees in more than 50 countries on six continents, each sponsoring their own regional events.
Leading up to this year’s International Hip Hop Competition in San Diego, California, Hip Hop Israel recently sponsored the country’s preliminary competitions, taking over the largest sporting venue in the coastal city of Ashkelon. The event welcomed groups from all over Israel, with more than 2,000 participants vying for the grand prize and a chance to participate in the San Diego finals.

MAC-HipHopIsr02Sound for the event was provided by Tel Aviv-based Halilit, bringing in full PA and video systems to pump up the crowd. Despite hundreds of performers and dozens of sets, FOH mix was handled by a single Mackie DL32R rack-mounted digital mixer with iPad® control.

“The DL32R made setup really easy for this event,” remarked Ilan Murad, Halilt Professional Division Manager. “Everything connects right to the rack at the side of the stage – no need to run a multichannel snake into the audience. And our FOH mixer was able to wander all over the hall, to get the best sound across the entire audience.”

MAC-HipHopIsr03With so many competitors and so many different sets, the DL32R‘s snapshot memory also came in handy. “We were able to adjust levels for each act’s tracks with a single touch,” says Morad. “It made changeovers really fast.”
The ability to record each set was an added plus, says Murad. “We were able to create videos of the event, and each set also has a great sounding mix. And every participant in the event received a special registration code for the new Halilt website for special promotions, including Mackie gear.”

Murad reports that the event was a runaway success, and the DL32R was part of the winning team. “With so many performers and so little time, the DL32R really helped to make our work that much easier.”

For more on Hip Hop International,
For more on Halilit, visit
For more on Hip Hop International Israel, visit

DOD has lifted the lid on their latest two new pedals the Meatbox Subsynth and the Gonkulator Ring Modulator.

MF3.2_Header_800x400Master Fader v3.2, now available for free download, brings powerful new features to DL32R in addition to performance and workflow enhancements for DL1608 and DL806 users.

With Master Fader v3.2, the DL32R now allows a full 32-channels of both recording and playback via USB hard drive giving users the ability to wirelessly control 32-channel recordings and virtual sound checks from anywhere in the venue. With a choice of 32×32 direct-to-drive recording, the ability to connect to Mac/PC and even networked recording via Dante Virtual Soundcard (DL Dante Expansion Card sold separately), DL32R delivers unmatched 32×32 recording flexibility.

Master Fader 3 DL32R 32 Channel RecordingAlso added is a new mic pre view, allowing access to all input gain controls, phantom power and metering for all 32 mic pres in a single view. In addition to streamlining initial setup, mic pre view makes the DL32R an even more powerful digital snake when paired with the DL Dante Expansion Card.

Master Fader 3 DL32R Mic Pre ViewMaster Fader and My Fader v3.2 also deliver VCA enhancements to DL32R, DL1608 and DL806 users. Now, when a channel is assigned to a VCA, a semi-transparent fader cap is also shown so users can see level changes caused by VCAs on the input channel itself. Additionally, if a VCA is muted or soloed, assigned channels will now show that they are being remotely muted or soloed.

Master Fader 3 DL32R VCA Ghost Faders

With numerous under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes, Mackie continues its commitment to making Master Fader the best control app on the market.

New Features

  • 32×32 Recording and playback for DL32R
  • Mic Pre View (DL32R only)
  • VCA Enhancements


  • Added quick select of All or None for access limits
  • Added Reset Shows and Presets Option to Tools>Settings>System Backup Menu
  • Airplay can now be used while also using Master Fader
  • The DL32R USB drive “Refresh” button is now only available when a drive is in the “Ejected” state
  • Enhanced Mic Pre Gain sliders to accurately convey step value

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where channel safes did not protect even numbered aux sends after they were unlinked
  • Fixed issue where access limiting the even channel of a linked output didn’t limit access to the pair
  • Fixed issue where some Flash drives weren’t recognized on the DL32R
  • Fixed issue where files could be recorded incorrectly on the DL32R if using a name with a space at the beginning or end
  • Fixed a variety of issues with popovers showing slowly and the wrong size
  • Fixed issue where using My Fader on an iPad™ could show a black bar across the UI
  • Fixed issue where switching between mixers online and offline states could cause the meters to freeze showing signal when none is present
  • Fixed issue where the Now Playing icon could appear incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where the music play once, loop & shuffle icons would flash after an HDD was ejected on the DL32R
  • Fixed issue with the DL32R where Music and Multi-track file details were not displayed in the track list
  • Fixed issue where refreshing/ejecting the DL32R hard drive with multiple iPad connected could disconnect some of them
  • Fixed issue where the DL32R recording view would still show the last file played after the drive is ejected
  • Fixed issue where the DL32R Eject & Format buttons were briefly enabled during playback between playlist songs
  • Fixed issue where the DL32R Loop Once icon briefly appears enabled when it is actually disabled
  • Lots of other small fixes


Master Fader and My Fader v3.2 are now available for free download on the App Store. For more info and device compatibility information, visit the App Store.

For more information on the DL32R visit

For more information on DL1608/DL806 visit


With The Songwriter’s, we’re adding a new acoustic drum kit to the exquisite sound libraries of Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4, spanning over 4 GB of drum sounds at a 24-bit resolution.

Key features:

• Acoustic drum kit played with sticks and hot rods
• 24-bit recordings with up to 16 velocities and 6 round robins
• 20 Styles for folk, country, soft rock and indie pop
• Each Style includes main parts, intros, endings and fills
• An inexhaustible resource for creating backing tracks, inspiring new compositions and improvisation sessions

Read more

Buy now

Yamaha today released the update version 1.7 for the Nuage system solution.
The update supports the new Nuendo 7 software and offers several workflow enhancements. Find out more

These Yamaha Audiogram interfaces are complete, computer-based recording packages ideal for musicians, podcasting and even to transfer vinyl to MP3. Now available at exclusive discount prices!

Get awesome analogue hardware with heaps of plugin power for free. Offer available until 30/9/15.

Vivek Maddala’s story is one that certainly does not lack one single ounce of excitement. From being a successful [modern-day] composer of music for film and TV, to his recent build out of a new state-of-the-art home studio, Vivek has continued to deliver world-class music on his own terms.  He has always been on the [...]

Its official The UKs creative industry is booming.

Reason 8.3 is here



on 2015-6-30 2:09pm GMT

Today we’re releasing the third update to Reason since version 8 came out. That’s three releases in just over six months! As a product manager it’s really exciting to see your product come to life and reach users quickly. But I’m even more excited as a music maker—there’s some really exciting stuff in this update.

What? Tell me Leo! What’s in Reason now? Tell me now!

  • New reverb effect! RV7000 is now MkII and gains a convolution mode, essentially allowing you to sample room characteristics. It truly sounds great, and opens up for a lot of new experimental possibilities. Try loading it up with a hand clap, a noise sweep, or even a drum loop and let it work its magic on your sounds!
  • A ReFill with a collection of some of our favorite Impulse Response content available on the web, along with some unique samples (like a Eurorack spring reverb, the Propellerhead kitchen, and the inside of a piano) and a bunch of patches making use of all this content.
  • The browser is now available in the detached rack window, too. Solving the number one feature request since Reason 8 came out.
  • Time savers like “static value” now being accessible in the arrange view in the sequencer; Zoom to Selection (press Z to zoom in or out); and buttons for selecting what instrument you play in the rack are the icing on the update cake.

Just like the updates before it, this is free for those who have Reason 8. Just fire up Reason 8.2 and hit the “Download” button to get the upgrade. If you haven’t got Reason 8 yet, there’s no better time than now.

Also don’t forget to grab the free RV7000 MkII ReFill, you’ll find it here.

It's been a blast to work on this release. Before I sign off I just want to say a big thank you to everybody who's been involved in making it happen: developers, designers, sound makers, testers. You know who you are. Now I'm off for vacation, then work begins on Reason 8.4.

Leo Nathorst-Böös, @leo
Apps Product Manager

If you want to get up to speed on the new convolution reverb that's part of Reason 8.3's revamped RV7000 MkII reverb unit, then you've come to the right place. In this tutorial we'll take a look at the history of reverb to understand how convolution fits into the story, how it works, and how you can go about making your own presets with custom spaces.

Ableton Live 9.2 is now available free to Ableton Live users. Find out about the new features!

Good news! Our multitouch sequencer for the iPad, Cubasis, has just been updated to version 1.9.5, bringing to you great new features and enhancements.
New features in version 1.9.5:
  • New MiniSampler to create own instruments in a snap
  • 5 MiniSampler piano factory instruments based on HALion Sonic
  • 16 Allen Morgan MiniSampler factory drum kits paired with 128 song-oriented MIDI patterns
  • iOS 64-bit mode support (for supported iOS devices)
  • Audiobus SDK 2.1.6
  • New “Smear” demo song project
For the complete list of improvements and resolved issues that were reported by users, please visit

Update your current version of Cubasis right away! And if you don’t have Cubasis on your iPad by now, consider the recording/production possibilities that this app would offer to you.
Details on Cubasis
Purchase through the App Store

Bring Me The Horizon, Judas Priest and Mastodon are due to share the stage with Slipknot at this years Knotfest, California.

The Junior Conga range by Gear4music has been released in both tuneable and non-tuneable versions.

Lot’s of goodies cut down prices and a voucher?


Get it here

Congratulations and thank you to the New Music Seminar for another great conference year. In 3 days there were many panels and workshops with useful information for just about anyone in the music industry.  On the music side of the coin, the artists involved this year were simply stellar, and offered a refreshing look at [...]

Show off your solo!



on 2015-6-26 1:32pm GMT

You know that old truth: nobody wants to hear your solo. But this week is different. This week is SOLO WEEK. Yes, we do want to hear your solo! Guitar, saxophone, bagpipe or Moog doesn’t matter. Well, maybe not bagpipe. Show us what you’ve got! #solo

Here’s a feed with some perfect music beds to make your solo wizardry stand out.

Have your heard this?

Pump up the volume and get ready to dance with a selection of last week’s floor fillers.

Now shipping worldwide, the Mackie FreePlay Personal PA is an exciting portable, battery-powerable PA that delivers powerful, full-range sound anytime, anywhere. Featuring Bluetooth music streaming, a full-featured 4-channel digital mixer and a powerful control app for iOS and Android™ devices, FreePlay is the ultimate all-in-one stereo PA solution for a tremendous range of applications.

FreePlay is perfect for everyone from musicians and singer/songwriters on the go, to educators, public speakers and even everyday music lovers,” remarked Matt Redmon, Mackie Senior Product Manager. “FreePlay delivers an amazing solution to all in an innovative, easy-to-use package.”

FreePlay_3qtr_RAn all-in-one, full-range stereo PA, FreePlay features a high-output 8″ woofer for unmatched bass response. FreePlay allows users to connect microphones, line or instrument level sources and features an easy-to-use 4-channel digital mixer to control levels, EQ and more. A first in the portable PA category, FreePlay offers music streaming from any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth® capable device.

“The ability to incorporate a Bluetooth stream with live instruments sets FreePlay apart. Musicians are going to love being able to easily mix in backing tracks right from their mobile device,” commented Redmon. “And with hands-free music streaming, FreePlay is also an amazingly high-output music playback device perfect for parties, weddings and backyard BBQs.”

FreePlay Connect_Usage_

One of FreePlay’s most innovative features is complete wireless control using the FreePlay Connect app for iOS and Android devices, available now on the App Store and on Google Play. The FreePlay Connect app puts the user in control of everything – from simple level adjustments to control over professional performance features like a built-in feedback eliminator, application-specific speaker voicing modes and 16 vocal/instrument effects. For corporate audio applications like presentations or public address, the FreePlay Connect app provides discrete level control from anywhere. Plus, musicians can simply mount their phone on their mic stand for distraction free mixing during performances.



FreePlay’s immensely portable design is underlined by a choice of AC or battery power, including an optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or standard D Cell batteries. Perfect for street performers or any application where wall power is either not available or difficult to get to, FreePlay sets a new standard for battery-powerable sound solutions. FreePlay also offers several optional accessories to round out its extreme versatility. A unique kickstand /pole mount accessory connects directly to FreePlay and allows it to be mounted on a standard speaker pole for increased coverage. It also allows the user to tilt FreePlay back to a 45-degree angle for better monitoring when FreePlay is on the ground. An optional lithium-ion battery pack delivers up to 10 hours of playback and is rechargeable so users always have the power they need. There’s also a durable carry bag available to protect during transport and storage that includes handy pockets for mics, cables, etc.



FreePlay is the most versatile PA we’ve ever created. You get a powerful, portable PA with wireless music streaming, amazing professional sound tools and the ability to control it all from your phone,” remarked Redmon. “Plus, with battery power, you can literaly take FreePlay anywhere. We are excited to offer this level of sonic freedom.”

The Mackie FreePlay Personal PA is now shipping worldwide. Please inquire with your dealer for specific store availability. FreePlay has a U.S. MSRP of $499.99. Available accessories include the FreePlay kickstand/pole mount accessory ($24.99 U.S. MSRP), FreePlay rechargeable lithium-ion battery ($69.99 U.S. MSRP) and FreePlay carry bag ($69.99 U.S. MSRP).

Mackie FreePlay Connect™ is now available for free download from the App Store and Google Play. For full app details, including device compatibility information visit the following links:

Click here for more information on the Mackie FreePlay Personal PA.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by LOUD Technologies Inc. are under license.

iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.











Steinberg is pleased to announce the availability of the WaveLab 8.5.30 maintenance update. The update comes with many bug fixes and further improvements. The update is now available for download from the Steinberg website. For detailed information, please view the corresponding version history on the download page. Download WaveLab 8.5.30

Oscar-award winning composer, James Horner has died in a plane crash in California.

Nuendo 7 has been released! It’s the latest iteration of our award-winning audio post-production software announced a few months ago at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

New features in Nuendo 7:
  • Game Audio Connect: Direct connection to the Audiokinetic Wwise game audio middleware, including integration with Perforce version management
  •  ReConform: Fully integrated re-conforming solution for automatic audio-to-picture alignment including preview functions
  • Advanced project collaboration for an easy exchange of audio tracks including audio files and program data between several Nuendo projects
  • VCA fader support for working with large mixing projects on a second mixing layer
  • Render Export and Render-in-place allow for easy rendering of an individual selection of audio files including naming conventions to a hard drive or to the same Nuendo project
  • New effects and updated plug-ins including Multiband Expander, Multiband Envelope Shaper, VST Bass Amp, Quadrafuzz v2 and more
  • Improved windows handling paradigm including a new workspace organizer as well as new Rack Zone with dockable MediaBay
  • Vastly improved program performance, faster load times and a smoother program behavior
  • Design overhaul: Redesigned track list and Inspector, enhanced channel strip EQ
  • Further features and enhancements include plug-in manager, VST Connect SE 3 and more

The Nuendo 7 full retail version is available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop.

Various downloadable updates are exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop.

Customers who have activated Nuendo 6.5 or previous versions since April 20, 2015, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to the latest version.

The optional Nuendo Expansion Kit (NEK) 7, which consists of the “more musical” features such as Chord Pads and the Groove Agent SE 4 Acoustic Agent, is now also available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop.

Read more

Buy now

TC Electronic reveal the new PolyTune 2 BlackLight, made for the musician who wants a tuner that truly stands out from the rest.

A much requested feature, the Polytune 2 now comes in a sharp black finish. Lightning fast, single strum tuning with a new look that holds it's own with the slickest FX on your board.

Cakewalk and Gibson Brands will be participating in the New Music Seminar this week, so if you happen to be in NYC please make sure to stop in and say hello.  The New Music Seminar is one of the most prestigious music conferences in the United States, and is held annually each June in New York [...]

Apple Music has declared that they will pay royalties to musicians during the free trial period after protest from music labels and artist Taylor Swift.

Whats a Bangeetar?

- News

on 2015-6-19 3:39pm GMT
The new Orange amplifiers Bax Bangeetar is now in stock. But just what is a Bangeetar?

If you’ve ever driven through the mid-west, you know there’s not a lot happening in between the cities that you encounter during the ride.  That is, unless, you happen to be driving just north of Fort Wayne, IN during the early summer month of June.  In this case, you are sure to find your way [...]

Propellerheads Reason 8.3 music software update, boasting tonnes of new features, is set to be released on 30th June 2015.

High Speed Week



on 2015-6-18 12:30pm GMT

Push the tempo!

This week is all about speed! It’s time to push the tempo up and make some ridiculously fast and energetic tracks. How fast can you go? Drop your creations with #highspeed in the description and we’ll feature our fastest favorites next week!

Looking for some uptempo inspiration? Perhaps a starting point for your own high speed piece?

Community grooves

Last week, we asked for your best EDM creations and that was apparently a popular request. Here’s a selection of some great tracks from the community. Find your own favorite and remix!

Get over £200 worth of free software! Read on for more info...

The latest polyphonic tuning technology, designed for high accuracy and long battery life. Polytune Clip isn't just another clip on tuner but rather an essential piece of kit for the stage.

The UK has generated more than3 Billion with music tourism in 2014, according to the Wish You Were Here Study 2015.

Waves Gold and Silver editions now included with selected Apogee interafaces.

This year at InfoComm 2015, Mackie is joining Audinate for Dante AV Networking World on June 16. This is a incredible chance to learn the ins and outs of Dante and how to integrate DL32R+Dante it into any system, directly from the manufacturer.

Applications truly open up with the optional DL Dante Expansion Card, which provides 32×32 channels of network audio I/O, allowing the DL32R to be connected to any Dante-powered AV network. Dante delivers the easiest-to-use AV networking solution, featuring automatic discovery of devices, simple graphical audio routing, incredibly low latency and flawless inter-operation with hundreds of Dante-enabled products. Flexible I/O patching in the DL32R lets the user route Dante signals to any channel input, and send any of the mixer’s outputs to the Dante network.


The DL32R with Dante offers smart solutions for install and production. It’s an ultra-compact 32×14 digital snake, with tons of I/O plus all the benefits of a full-featured digital mixer. DL32R is also an extremely affordable personal monitoring solution, with support for up to 16 mixes via iPhone™ and the intuitive My Fader™ personal mixing app. With no expensive hardware controllers or cabling to deploy, this solution saves setup time, critical for Houses-of-Worship with multiple programs on any given day. And, it’s an extremely elegant self-contained recording rig, with 32×32 direct-to-disk recording that is controlled wirelessly from anywhere. You also get redundancy, with separate multi-track recording to Mac/PC via Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Workshop Agenda

  • Industry Trends in
    Digital Audio Networking
  • Dante in House of Worship:
    Willow Creek Community Church Case Study
  • Networking 101:
    Understanding Network Basics
  • Dante in Sports:
    Networking the American Airlines Arena for the Miami Heat
  • Dante in Retail:
    National Retail Chain Case Study
  • Live Demonstration:
    Building your First Dante Network
  • Dante in Broadcast:
    Recent Advancements at Microsoft Production Studios
  • Dante in House of Worship:
    Sojourn Church Case Study
  • Dante in Education:
    University Case Study
  • A Glimpse into the Future of Dante

For more information on Dante AV Networking World visit:

For more information on InfoComm 2015 visit:



Building upon the their immense success with the Ditto Guitar Looper. TC Helicon have now introduced the Mic Looper to their repertoire.

Fans of rock band Foo Fighters are awaiting news to see if they will go ahead with their forthcoming UK shows after announcing that Dave Grohls leg break in Gothenburg, Sweden is so severe that they cancelled two European shows.

We’re still dancing!



on 2015-6-12 3:18pm GMT

Just add drums

Here’s a great loop from Figure user bazooie, but it’s missing drums! Or is it missing something else? Your voice? Guitar? Swiss alphorn? Show us what you can do with it!

Sound of the Community

Here’s a fresh feed of our favorite floor-filling tracks from last week. Take a listen and find something to develop even further–or just move your feet!

Dance floor drums

Looking for some dance friendly drums for your next piece? The new Dance floor drums feed on Discover is your go-to source for all styles of beats.

The tour-grade, extremely versatile Helix could soon prove to be the best Multi FX pedal, ever... read on to find out what everyone is so excited about!

Line 6 have unveiled their most comprehensive and powerful multi-fx unit to date. Find out more.

Dave Mustaine has been crowned the Golden God at the 2015 Golden Gods Awards, London.

Reason 8.3 beta is here



on 2015-6-11 1:30pm GMT

The third update to Reason since the Reason 8 release brings an overhaul to an old friend, a much requested browser improvement and much more.

Help us test Reason 8.3 today!


Highlights in Reason 8.3:

RV7000 mkII
Explore creative reverb sounds with RV7000 mkII! The new version of Reason’s cornerstone reverb effect turns RV7000 into a fully featured convolution reverb. Load any of the supplied impulse responses or create your own otherworldly reverb effects by sampling or loading your own impulse responses.

Browse where you are!
Call up Reason’s browser from where you work! The new browser introduced in Reason 8 offers a vastly improved workflow, but was previously only accessible from the main window. After feedback from users who use Reason with the rack in a detached window, you can now access the browser from there as well.

Zoom to Selection
Move quickly from birds-eye view to close-up. Hit the Z key to zoom to your selection and hit Z again to zoom back out. This is a real time-saver when editing and arranging!

MIDI in the Rack
Some Reason users spend most of their creative work in the rack view. Now you can select what device receives your master MIDI controller input directly from the rack, without having to go to the sequencer.

Help us test!
Want to try out these new features today, and help us test Reason 8.3 before it’s released? Download Reason 8.3 beta here!

FreePlay_Now_Available_Header_800x400_v3Mackie is excited to announce that FreePlay Connect™, the powerful, full-featured control app for the FreePlay™ personal PA, is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play™. Anyone who has pre-ordered or is interested in purchasing a FreePlay can now download FreePlay Connect to get familiar with the intuitive workflow and performance-inspiring feature set.Perform_Present_Play“Performers especially are going to love having wireless control over all aspects of their mix,” commented Mackie Senior Product Manager, Matt Redmon. “They can easily incorporate backing tracks or house music into their set, mute or change effects between songs, and make tweaks to things like vocal levels or EQ – all during their show, and all right from the mic stand.”

Freeplay mixWith the FreePlay Connect™ control app, users get mobile freedom and increased control over everything from levels, mutes and individual channel 3-band EQ to sound-enhancing tools like a feedback destroyer and FX processor for amazing sound in any situation.Freeplay EQ Solo performers can now take control of their mix right from the stage, attaching their phone to a mic stand for easy mixing while performing. Similarly, for corporate events or educational applications, the FreePlay Connect app allows for discreet level control right from the podium, or wherever else in the room it’s needed.

An all-in-one, full-range stereo PA, FreePlay features 300-watts of power, dual high-frequency drivers and a high-output 8″ woofer for unmatched bass response, and is loud enough to fill any small or medium-sized venue. Featuring Bluetooth® music streaming and control, a full-featured 4-channel digital mixer and built-in effects, FreePlay allows users to connect microphones, line or instrument level sources, and provides built-in control for levels, EQ and more.


“The technology packed into FreePlay gives users wireless streaming and full control over their entire performance or presentation right from their device,” commented Matt Redmon. “Plus, the additional flexibility added by our Lithium-Ion battery power and Kickstand / Pole Mount accessory make FreePlay the single-most versatile performance or presentation PA on the market.”

Mackie FreePlay Connect™ is now available for free download from the App Store and Google Play. For full app details, including device compatibility information visit the following links:

FreePlay Connect on the App Store

FreePlay Connect on Google Play

For more information on the Mackie FreePlay Personal PA visit

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by LOUD Technologies Inc. are under license.

iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Feeling lucky? If you buy a Novation synth before 31st August, you can enterto win a mega rare synth worth 5000!

The first ever documentary on French electronic masters Daft Punk to broadcast on 24th June 2015.

Get 15% off selected Epiphone Les Paul guitars through June! Read on for more info...

On Friday/Saturday June 12th and 13th, Cakewalk and Gibson will be part of a great music event in Fort Wayne, IN called “Gearfest 2015.”  What once started out as a smaller “musician’s conference,” has now transformed into a collective gear-fanatic affair where music equipment enthusiasts from all over the U.S. and beyond converge upon this [...]

John Lennons Guitar to Fetch Over Half a Million USD Under Hammer

Ableton has announced its reducing the price of the Ableton Push and all Ableton software (excluding education versions) by 30%, until Friday 12th June 2015.

Reason 8 is about to get even better, with the forthcoming FREE upgrade...find out what's new!

Buy a Boss ME-80 Multi FX between now and 31st July, and get a FREE power supply!

Kirnu Cream does not output sound, it is purely a midi plugin – that said if you are having problems it would seem that the AU unit for Mac does not output midi.

Instead use the VSTi version – both 32bit and 64bit work as they should.

Make sure that Kirnu Cream is first in fx chain placing your instrument after it.

Apogee have announced a new partnership with Waves. Now, when purchasing Duet, Quartet or Ensemble Thunderbolt, you'll get a FREE Waves Plug-in Bundle!

In celebration of 100 years of Les Paul, Gibson are offering customers a 1 in 10 chance to have the costs of their 2015 Gibson Les Paul refunded. Click to find out more.

Florence and the Machine are set to take to the road through September 2015 in support of their chart-topping third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Get a Gibson Les Paul for FREE! Read on for more info...

Hands in the air!



on 2015-6-05 4:08pm GMT

Chords for the Big Room!

What can you do with this massive chord breakdown? Weebl, a Bristol based Reason user/internet celebrity dropped this fat EDM chord loop and now we want to hear what you can do with it! Sing over it? Remix it? Show us your ideas!


Remix SeYSMIC’s Figure Beat

We asked the Figure power users over at the Figure Addicted Facebook group to give us some remix-friendly EDM tracks. Here is our favorite: SeYSMIC’s Mr Roboko. Remix it in Figure, sing on it in Take or build on it further in Reason.


Have you seen this?

Check out the EDM Beats feed on Discover! Find inspiration in this collection of floor filling song starters from Propellerhead.

Fancy winning a FREE Gibson 2015 Les Paul guitar? This Tuesday could be your lucky day... find out more!

John Lennon's first Gibson acoustic guitar, a J-160e, which was stolen after a Christmas concert in 1963 and remained lost for 50 years, will be auctioned later this year. Find out more...

Steinberg is pleased to announce the availability of the Cubase Pro 8.0.20/Cubase Artist 8.0.20 maintenance update. The update resolves many bug fixes and improvements. The update is now available for download from the Steinberg website. For detailed information, please view the corresponding version history on the download page. Download Cubase Pro 8.0.20 Download Cubase Artist 8.0.20

Last week we launched the SONAR “Everett,” Release which includes our new Drum Replacer tool. Everyone at Cakewalk is still buzzing about how it can transform a simple loop, or drum tracks recorded in less ideal conditions, into amazing sounding drums. Additionally, we have improved the overall SONAR experience with 40 fixes, the new Sizzle Bus FX [...]

Murder FM:         Congratulations to SONAR Platinum artist Norman Matthew and his band Murder FM for finalizing their record deal with Famous Records/Sony Red.  After turning down deals in the past from even bigger major labels, Norman and company found the right fit for the band.  In a recent press release circulated to the music industry, [...]

A good grid or pad controller is near essential kit for anyone making electronic music today. The Launchpad is one of the originals and with Mk2 remains among the best.

Until 30th June 2015 you can get a bundle of excellent rack extensions free with Reason 8. From FM synthesis to Leslies and filters worth over 200!

Get 50% off Komplete 10 and Ultimate when you buy them with a Maschine or Kontrol controller. A great time to buy into one of the most impressive software packages around.

Presonus has unveiled the latest member of the Studio One family, version 3. Read on for more info...

NI have announced another excellent promo for the summer, read on for more info...

Starting from the early age of 11, Chris Broderick started on a journey that eventually brought him to every corner of our world.  Little did he know at that time that he would accomplish what most musicians only dream about.  As a multi-genre / multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, he got his chops like many others, long hours and [...]

Steinberg’s professional live-recording software, Nuendo Live, receives a new maintenance update. The update provides full compatibility with Mac OS X Yosemite. Please note that OS X 10.7 is not supported. For detailed information, please view the corresponding version history on the download page. Download Nuendo Live 1.1.1  

One thing is certainly clear.  Ibiza is a very creative island in terms of music. Besides the infamous “foam parties” and club-scene, there are locals here that write, record, promote, produce, live and breathe electronic music on a world-class level. Bringing all these creative people together yearly is a festival known as the International Music [...]

Now, Reason Essentials is even more affordable... A DAW with unlimited audio tracks for under 40!? You'd better believe it! Save over 50% OFF SRP!

There's no doubt that Strymon is the hottest name in FX pedals right now, so guitarists worldwide were excited at this latest announcement.

Gear4Music have extended their woodwind range with Pearl Flutes.

Les Pauls Big Sound Experience to honour the guitar icon with a year long tour.