Steinberg will be at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt (Germany), Europe's largest trade show for musical instruments, music software and audio hardware. On April 15 – 18, 2015, you have the chance to see Steinberg’s latest audio interfaces and software releases, including Cubase Pro 8 and the UR242 audio interface. More info

Just ahead of Musikmesse 2015, which starts next week, Novation have announced the new versions of their popular Launchkey MIDI Keyboards (available with 25-, 49- or 61-keys) and Launchpad Mini Grid controller.

Novation have revealed additions to the Launch Range, including the Launchkey MK2.

Vox launch a 10W tube amp to join the Custom series.

Korg have released the two limited edition varieties of Canned Tuner to celebrate 40 years of Korg tuners.

Claim a free set of Universal Audio plug-ins when you purchase any UAD-2 DSP Accelerator.

The new Havian 30 digital piano from Korg blends artistry with exploration, designed with ease of use and playing enjoyment in mind.

Native Instruments launch the Traktor Kontrol D2, a controller module with visual display.

Claim a free pair of premium in-ear headphones when you purchase an AKG C214 studio microphone.

As Musikmesse is gearing up to start on 15th April, here's a look at what we should be expecting to see - from big confirmed releases to some exciting rumours...

Another fantastic opportunity to get your hands on some of UAD’s exceptional plug-ins totally free, read on for more info...

New instrument promises rhythmic synth sounds-- Output, developers of the unique Rev instrument built exclusively around reversed samples (...

This is your chance to learn more about Roland's AIRA range and synthesis, beat creation, sequencing, arrangement and effects. And even better - we are offering 10% discount off the course's fee! Find out more...

Cubase have today launched Cubase Elements 8. The Elements series is suited to beginner singer songwriters and musicians looking to take their writing further.

Founded in 1996, Germany-based RME have since then become one of the leading brands of high-end audio interfaces and preamps. Here's a look at what's now in stock.

Time to complete the current range with a new version of Cubase Elements 8. Our entry-level music production system comes with many new features and improvements, so if you’re interested in joining the Cubase community or you’re keen to upgrade from LE, AI or older versions of Element, this just might be the right time.

New features in Cubase Elements 8:
  • Improved windows handling on PC, dockable rack and MediaBay plus a redesigned Track List
  • Instrument (t)rack 2.0: Supports multi-outputs and multi-inputs, and merges instrument tracks with the VST Instrument Rack
  • Chord pads for playfully and creatively composing with chords
  • Groove Agent SE 4: With over 120 drum kits and smart user interface for creating beats and hits in not time
  • HALion Sonic SE 2: Giving you tons of fresh new sounds plus a totally new synth
  • Plug-in manager: Arrange, sort and group your effects and instruments
  • ASIO-Guard 2: Ultra-low latencies only on the tracks where latency matters
To get an overall impression of Cubase, its capabilities and line-up, we recommend visiting the Cubase product pages or to download one of the newly available trial versions: Cubase Pro 8 Trial and Cubase Elements 8 Trial.

And there’s more good news: those of you who have activated Cubase Elements 7 since January 15, 2015, are now eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Cubase Elements 8.

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Trial versions

Buy now

by Dan Gonzalez Depth is a factor of every mix, just like Height and Width. This is a harder concept to grasp because there really is no “Depth” adjust on a mixer. In this article we’ll talk about how to create depth using the Sonitus Reverb. Creating Depth using the Sonitus Reverb Digital reverbs are [...]

Save big on new buys and upgrades this April-- This April, RX 4, RX 4 Advanced and upgrade options are available to buy for up to 35% less...

This Spring, claim your free set of EBS bass strings worth 25.99 when you purchase an EBS Classic Session combo amp.

Steinberg is pleased to announce the availability of new maintenance updates for Retrologue, Padshop and HALion Sonic SE 2*. The updates resolve several small issues under OS X and are recommended for all Mac users. For detailed information, please view the corresponding version history on the download page. Download Retrologue 1.1.30 Download Padshop 1.1.30 Download HALion Sonic 2.0.30

*HALion Sonic SE 2 is included in Cubase Pro 8, Cubase Artist 8, Cubase 7.5, Cubase Artist 7.5 and Nuendo NEK 6.5. The HALion Sonic SE engine is also included in Dark Planet, Neo Soul Keys, HALion Symphonic Orchestra, Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance.

Great recording gear deserves a great pair of headphones to go with it. Until 30/6/15 you get a pair of IP2 in ear headphones free when you buy an AKG C214 microphone.

Claim a free pair of AKG K612 headphones when you purchase any selected Nord Synthesizer, offer now extended until 30th June 2015.

It's Propellermix time, people! This week we're highlighting a remix made by Reason Product Manager Ludvig.



We asked Ludvig about his remix and how he approached it:


"This started when I heard Ryan's "I Don't Know - Produced", which was based on "I Don't Know" by aarongrider. I thought the acoustic guitar intro would work fine in a higher tempo, so I made a 120bpm guitar hook loop out of it. At the same time I happened to hear "What's going on?" by beat86, which had some really nice vocals. It sounded as if these two pieces could fit together somehow, although both tempo and key were different... Some tempo and pitch matching was done in Reason, after which I started adding bass, drums and other niceties, using the Factory Sound Bank, Disco School and Soul School. The disco guitar in the chorus section is actually the same acoustic loop as in the intro, but run through a Softube Amp and an Alligator!"


Want to add vocals, an instrument or re-arrange the Propellermix? Just open it in Take or Reason to add your own part. And if you want to try your hand at remixing the original yourself—simply open it in Take or Reason and start making music. We'd love to hear what you come up with so make sure you send us a tweet @PropellerheadSW or share your music on our Facebook page.


We’re happy to announce the release of new versions of Figure, Take and Reason!


Never sing a flat note with Take. The new “Voice Tune” helps you stay in tune, or gives you that modern R’n’B sound when turned all the way up. Clean up, distort or color your recordings with effects on each channel, give your tracks a “final mix” sound with mastering presets, and sing in a key that works for you with transposable backing tracks.

Download Take on the App Store (free!)


Figure, the fast and fun beat making app for iOS is now free! Also: Make a beat in Figure and open it in Take—the key of your Figure song is automatically brought over to Take, so Voice Tune gives you great results instantly.

Download Figure on the App Store (free!)


Reason gets a bunch of new stuff, too, based on all the feedback we’re getting from you. Reason 8.2 features a slick new auto-update system so you're always using the most current version, without the hassle of bulky manual installs. You’ll also get Improved patch navigation with Revert Browse, extended Remote support for Redrum, more colors for tracks, channels and clips, and tons of other improvements. It’s a free download for owners of Reason 8, of course.

Download the Reason 8.2 update / Buy Reason

New plug-in auto-replaces obscenities in your songs-- In some musical genres, a typical three-minute single can contain over 100 words deemed verboten by daytime radio....

Second membership release adds output recall, Panipulator, Ogg Vorbis import-- Cakewalk have announced the new March 2015...

Roland are launching the world's first AIRA academy for electronic music production.

Native Instrument's Maschine Studio is their flagship music production studio, giving you unprecedented physical control and visual feedback. Now, for a Limited-period only, you can buy Maschine Studio - in Black or in White - for just 549, a whole 300 cheaper than SRP! Offer ends 30th April, so hurry up!

The Shure PG ALTA comprehensive line of entry level microphones includes advanced design features that will give you the sound quality you want for every application.

Still wrapped in mystery, a Spring / early Summer release for the new Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2 seems very likely. Read on to find out what else we know...

Propellerhead introduce Discover, a free music service that makes it easy to exchange music pieces with a community of musicians.

Voice alteration plug-in free until April 1-- How do you get it for free? Find a code. They are all over the place — including our...

Focusrite have teamed up with Caroline Records, part of Universal Music Group, to offer solo singer/songwriters the chance to win a record deal.

Propellermix: Here's to you



on 2015-3-26 11:58am GMT

It's a new week and you know what means, right? You guessed it! A new Propellermix feature! This week we're highlighting a remix made by our own Leo.



We asked Leo about his remix and how he approached it:

"I found “Here’s to you” by yourlittlegem through an email notification, as it was based a beat I had made previously. I instantly realized I had to remix it. To get rid of the original beat I had made, I opened both the original piece and yourlittlegem’s version in Reason, phase inverted one channel and got the difference—just the vocals (and quite a bit of background noise, but that just adds to the vibe). Then I built it from the ground up as a new song in Reason. Hope you’ll like it!"


Want to add vocals, an instrument or re-arrange the Propellermix? Just open it in Take or Reason to add your own part. And if you want to try your hand at remixing the original yourself—simply open it in Take or Reason and start making music. We'd love to hear what you come up with so make sure you send us a tweet @PropellerheadSW or share your music on our Facebook page.


Blues Essentials is the latest VST Sound Instrument Set that adds to the Acoustic Agent drum kits available in Groove Agent 4 and the Groove Agent SE 4 plug-in included in Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8. Its styles range from contemporary to traditional blues music, with grooves that vary from basic to complex. Key features at a glance:
  • 10 Blues Styles for the Acoustic Agent drum kits in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4
  • Each preset includes a Style and mixer preset
  • Grooves cover different tempos and time signatures and range from basic blues phrasings to complex syncopations
  • Each Style includes main parts, intros, endings and fills 
  • An inexhaustible resource for creating backing tracks, inspiring new blues compositions and improvisation sessions
Read more Buy now

The new Korg LP-380 73 has no match when it comes to versatility, sound, size and price - a slim, affordable Digital Home Piano that features 73 weighted keys and which perfectly captures the sound and feel of a grand piano...

Artist Drop: Cid Rim



on 2015-3-26 10:09am GMT

The world of Cid Rim circles around the boundless magic and mythical formulas of funk. When speaking of his influences and musical socialisation, the 28 year old viennese producer and drummer of JSBL inevitably ends in the 70's of the past century. While starting as an enthusiastic sample digger, his current works has a playful and interlaced sound, shifted with deep chords. A hybrid of programmed beats and analogue drum patterns meets razor sharp grooves and monumental power-steps. We had a chance to ask him some questions about his music making and feature an exclusive track dropped to Propellerhead. Check it out below!


How do you use Reason in your music making?

Reason is my main production software. It was the first proper program i got, when i was 14 or so and it still is.

What are the three most used devices in your Reason rack?

NN19, Redrum, Subtractor... still!

You just released your new record Charge / Kano and we've been playing it loud in the office. Could you tell us a bit about the creation of these two tracks?

I had a loop of the beat in the beginning of "Charge" lying around. Then I came up with the main chord progression on the piano and when I started to put those two together on the computer i had something in mind, like a huge wall of big band brass for the chords. I tried out how close I could come to that feeling with synth sounds. As soon as i had the main part, the rest of the track went quite easily. 

Then when I had it finished, I already knew I wanted to put it on the A side of a record with two club tracks only so I needed another one that fits. Inspired by the drum rolls of the A side I thought I could maybe go even more into to a higher, faster, ridiculous show-off fusion vibe with the second one. It's named after the Mortal Kombat Character "Kano" that can perform a horizontal and upwards roll to hit the opponent. The fast hook of the track reminded me of that move. 

What motivates your creative ideas and creative activity?

Just music making itself. I'm enjoying lots of other activities that could seem to influence my music but ultimately I think my main inspiration comes from making music. It's not like the fantastic dish you ate yesterday will get you an idea for the track you're making today. It's rather the amazing beat you just programmed or the bassline you just played that inspires you to go further and maybe make an entire track out of it. 

Being a drummer, how does that influence your song writing and producing? The track Saturated Phat Boy you dropped to Propellerhead has quite a complex rhythm.

It helps, but not as much as you'd think. I believe that you can learn how to compose beats on a drum set as well as on a drum computer. In fact the mixture of both is probably a very healthy one, but its not essential. I know producers composing the sickest chord progressions without ever having touched a piano before, so...

Is there something that you do to put yourself into a creative state of mind?

I think the important point is not how to get inspired, but to keep on trying if you're not!

If you have experienced creative blocks, how have you overcome them?

Even more trying. It can help if you start doing things differently. If you got a certain pattern of working, try to lose it, mix it up, go from the back to the front. Or just work with sounds you've never used before. Flip things up and surprise yourself. Just don't stop trying and playing around, I think that's the most important thing.

What advice would you give to other people who are motivated to become more creative in their music making?

It takes time to achieve something. Creativity comes from playing so take your time for playing around. Perfection comes with practice and time, so again, take your time and be patient. If you like making music and you're good at it you just need to do it every day!


Cid Rim also dropped an original piece of music to Propellerhead called "Saturated Phat Boy". Take a listen below! Want to add vocals, an instrument or remix the song? Just open it in Take or Reason to add your own part and join the music making.

So what's new with Pro Tools 12?

We are the only retailer to have, IN STOCK, the new Ashdown ABM EVO IV 600-Watt Bass Head, which was announced earlier this year at NAMM. The best just got better... find out more!

We have dropped the prices of two fantastic home keyboards - the Yamaha PSR-E243 and PSR-E343, packed with natural sounds and great features such as iOS connectivity.


We are taking a big step towards providing solutions for all Mackie DL1608 and DL806 customers with the introduction of Master Fader Classic.

Master Fader Classic is essentially the v2.1 build and is available as a completely separate download from the App Store. Many of you have been asking for this for various reasons.

Are you an installer who just finished an install with Master Fader v2.1. If so, you spent a great deal of time training the staff, ensuring system stability and are done with the job. Having the option to keep that system on the version of Master Fader originally installed gives you the flexibility to control when and how to best upgrade. It also means that if Master Fader 2.1 does the job for this customer, they can continue to use it as long as they like.

Or maybe you are a contractor that visits various customers. You can now have both versions installed on your iPad. This allows you to more easily support different installs, some with Master Fader 3.0 and others with Master Fader Classic in use.

This will provide the flexibility that many of you have been asking for and we hope you are excited as we are to have this choice.

Click here to download Master Fader Classic from the App Store. 

Support Notes
Important details about using and installing Master Fader Classic.

  • Master Fader Classic is for the DL1608 and DL806 only. The DL32R requires Master Fader v3.0.
  • If you are installing Master Fader Classic onto a system that has already been updated to Master Fader v3.0, you will need to downgrade the mixer firmware. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Backups made in Master Fader v3.0 cannot be used in Master Fader Classic.
  • Only My Fader v2.1. is compatible with Master Fader Classic. Click here to download from the App Store.


Shure has introduced the new PG Alta series - great value, entry level mics ideal for home studios. But despite being very affordable, they have advanced design features for professional sound, too.

Music Talk: Super Flu



on 2015-3-24 10:44am GMT

Meet Feliks Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz - together they are the German minimal outfit Super Flu.


How do you use Reason in your music making? Do you have any examples of where you've used it?

We use a lot of the old synths and effects, also the new daw’s, but everything is actually running on Reason. It is our main and pretty much only software, so if you want an example of a production we have done with Reason, well, you basically can listen to any of our tracks. They are all produced with the software without exception. We are simply with Reason from version 1 and we have grown up with you guys together, to be honest.

What’s your best music making tips for someone that is just starting out?

It is not only about the gear that you have in your studio or all the options you could imagine, it is all about the ideas you have in your head. Do not get distracted, checking out what is left and right of you. Do not copy or compare. Just do what you actually find interesting and have the passion for.

When do you start a new song, what’s the very first thing you do?

Trying to find an idea which is good enough to fill up a whole track. The idea can come from a sound, a melody, a drum loop or from one of our numerous live sessions.

Your music is filled to the brim with quirky, almost organic sounds. Do you do a lot of sampling?

Yes, actually quite a lot. We worked for many years with samples until we could finally afford to buy the right synthesisers. We are still jamming a lot and sampling the sounds. We also quite often record sounds in their natural environment. For example, we were recently at a scrapyard in our town, where we recorded some sounds.

Super Flu is not one, but two people. How do you go about collaborating?

Over the years we have gotten to know each other so well, so we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and know how we can make good use of them. Felix has classical music education, so he is the nerdy one spending nights at a time at the studio, whereas Mathias is the one who has a very good feeling for the tracks selection… But we actually have a big circle of music friends and we all try to support each other. For example, last year for our concert with the Dortmund Philharmonics one of our good friends lent us his two musical hands and performed with us on stage.

Best musical memory? Any moment in your music making career that sticks out?

Actually the concert in Dortmund that we just mentioned is one of these indescribable experiences in every respect you could imagine. We performed with more than 80 musicians on stage. It has always been a dream of ours to work together with all the arrangers, the conductor… Such an humbling experience! It was also very interesting to play in front of 1500 people who were listening very carefully to every sound that we produced and not to an alcohol buzzed audience. Just it is a crazy feeling. We do love the clubs and the festivals though, don’t get us wrong!

How do you know when you’re actually done with a track?

Actually we are never 100% ready with any of the tracks. You can get lost in the tiny details and build another modulation here or add an element somewhere which is heard just once in the whole track, but at some point it is also a matter of time.

What’s the hardest thing about making music, what do you struggle with the most?

Finding a good idea. Once you have it nailed, it is just a matter of powering through. The track composes itself somehow. The cool thing is that there is no recipe for a hit, everybody needs to come up with his own strategy.



The newly-announced Roulette guitar amps are available in the UK only, and give the popular Marshall Class 5 a really cool makeover.

Owners of the new Aira System-1 Plug Out synth are in for a treat: Roland has just released three sound banks, packed with great sounds, for FREE download!

Straight from the Marshall Design Store, the Class 5 Roulette is a limited edition series giving classic Marshall Amps a touch of class.

Saturday 21st March is the official Learn To Play Day: an occasion to celebrate playing music and, most important of all, to encourage newcomers to pick up an instrument! Here's all you need to know.

Spring is here, flowers are blooming and fresh inspiration is in the air. What better time than to introduce you to our time-limited Welcome Spring Offer.

From March 20 to March 27, we're inviting you to brighten up your sonic wardrobe while saving 30% on selected updates and upgrades of Groove Agent 4, HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5.Get the latest versions of our acclaimed instruments now and add a little bit of freshness to your productions. It’s the easy way to spark your creativity. Hurry up! Offer ends on March 27, 2015. To take advantage of this special Welcome Spring Offer, please visit our promotional website, select your favorite product and enter the following coupon code in the shopping cart: SPRING2015

Ableton have released an official book for electronic music producers.

With so much inspiring and great new music from our users, it's hard to keep our hands off. For this week's Propellermix, we found the lovely voice of Angeles2299 and especially the tune Don't let it fall, which we've chosen to remix. The idea was to intepret and build on what Angeles2299 already hinted on in her song, with a distinct disco/synth feeling with lots of swooshes and noise sweeps.

Want to add vocals, an instrument or re-arrange the Propellermix? Just open it in Take or Reason to add your own part. And if you want to try your hand at remixing the original yourself—simply open it in Take or Reason and start making music. We'd love to hear what you come up with so make sure you send us a tweet @PropellerheadSW or share your music on our Facebook page.

Holy Grail Neo vs. Holy Grail Nano. Holy Grail Max or Plus? With so many Electro-Harmonix Holy reverbs around, it may be difficult to choose one! So check our guide for a complete lowdown of all the different "Holy" reverbs available.

EHX have released the Holy Grail Neo reverb pedal, adding to their reverb family.

Introducing Reason Rigs



on 2015-3-18 11:59am GMT

Propellerhead has teamed up with leading Rack Extension and ReFill developers to bring you Reason Rigs – massive hand-tailored bundles of the top instruments, effects and sample packs. At over 70% off, you can now expand your Reason rack at an unbeatable price. Check out the Rigs!

Orange makes some of the most iconic guitar amps in the world, and their valve amps are part of Rock'n'Roll history. Here's yourchance to enjoy some great price drops on Rockerverb series amps, and Terror Bass heads!

QSC are rightfully proud of their amps, mixers and loudspeaker systems. Capable of delivering incredible performance at every show. They back this up with an extended warranty, available on select products.

To celebrate 10 years of Bose L1 Systems, Bose are giving away gifts voucher which can exchanged for your choice of Bose personal audio products.

The London Stock Exchange has identified 1000 UK companies that are set to inspire Britain in 2015 and onwards.

Steinberg is pleased to announce the availability of the Cubase Pro 8.0.10/Cubase Artist 8.0.10 maintenance update. The update resolves an issue in regards to the metronome audio click as well as many others.

The update is now available for download from the Steinberg website. For detailed information, please view the corresponding version history on the download page. Download Cubase Pro 8.0.10 Download Cubase Artist 8.0.10

Launched at NAMM, the EHX Bad Stone, a reissue of the classic shifter pedal, is a faithful reincarnation of the original.

Focusrite have teamed up with Caroline Records of Universal Music Group to offer one talented YouTube performer the recording contract of a lifetime.

Music Education Expo is the UK’s largest conference and exhibition for anyone involved in UK music education, taking place on March 12th & 13th at the Barbican, London.

Come and see us on stand A3 and find out how Cubase 8 Pro can unlock your students creativity and help them to achieve better results. Whether you are a seasoned Cubase user or not, our experts will be there to answer your questions and help you decide which version of Cubase is right for you.

There will also be a very special competition during the show giving anyone who attends the chance to win a full Cubase 8 Pro site license for their school worth up to £4,000. Simply come and visit us on the stand to find out more and enter the competition.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Korg Slimpitch tuner gets an upgrade, with contact microphone and an optional cartoon design.


My Fader v3 is Here
Pocketable control for any DL Series mixer

Mackie today announces the immediate availability of My Fader v3 for DL806, DL1608 and DL32R.

The Mackie My Fader app gives you pocketable control over your Mackie DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixer and version 3 is now compatible with Mackie Master Fader v3. My Fader v3 provides the perfect set of features for on-stage performers controlling their own monitor mix and is also great for the FOH engineer who needs quick wireless control from anywhere in the venue.

My Fader v3.0 is a new app release, it will not update automatically from My Fader v2.1. Click here for download information.

For complete feature details and requirements, see below.

For more info on the DL32R, click here. For more info on DL806/DL1608, click here.

What’s New

  • Support for Control with Master Fader 3.0 systems
  • Support for DL32R
  • Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Support for iOS8
  • All new modern UI
  • Support for Channel Colors
  • Support for Output Colors
  • Added Subgroups and VCAs in Mixer View
  • Added separate Gate and Comp Gain Reduction Meters
  • View Group Selector now accessible from mixer view
  • Updated Access Limiting


Wireless control allows band members to dial in monitor mixes from stage

  • More artist control equals better performances
  • No need for expensive hardware and cabling

Intuitive touch control over key mixing functions

  • Easy learning curve for artists
  • Familiar user interface

My Fader - Mixer - 4_7

Mixer view allows fast adjustment of main and monitor mix levels and mutes with full metering

  • Quickly adjust the levels for each mix
  • Less time adjusting, more time performing


My Fader - Access - 4_7Customize each iOS device’s control with Access Limiting

  • Prevent unwanted adjustments from on-stage performers
  • Greatly simplifies interface



Support for up to 10 iOS devices connected wirelessly

  • Every person on stage can control their own mix
  • No hassle setup with musician’s personal devices


My Fader - Show - 4_7Recall snapshots for instant changes during the show

  • Make seamless changes between songs
  • Switch between FX scenes per song



Channel IDEasy channel identification with channel naming and built in icons or take pictures with the built-in camera

  • Get to the channel you need quickly
  • Includes photo use for quick ID



My Fader - Aux - 4_7View groups improve organization and ease navigation

  • Only see the things that matter for your stage mix
  • Makes it easier for novices to use


Mute groups provide customizable control of channel muting

  • Mute all effects during breaks
  • Mute inputs not used for specific songs

Grow and Glow™ clearly shows controls being adjusted

  • Confidence while mixing
  • Constant visual feedback

Master Fader 3.0 DL1608 Modern EQPair with Mackie Master Fader app for complete system control

  • Give the FOH engineer total control
  • Available for huge range of iPad models




  • My Fader 3.0 requires Mackie Master Fader v3.0.
  • My Fader 3.0 requires iOS 7.1 or greater.
  • My Fader 3.0 is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPod touch (5th generation).
  • For wireless control, a Wi-Fi router is required. See the DL Series Reference Guide for complete information.
  • My Fader 3.0 does not mix audio on its own. It requires a DL32R, DL1608 or DL806 Mixer and Master Fader 3.0 for full functionality.

Be ready to record music in studio quality on your notebook or iPad with the UR242, featuring integrated DSP-powered FX and the outstanding D-PRE preamp.

Propellermix: To the sky



on 2015-3-10 8:40am GMT

Upbeat nu disco or laid back hip hop? For this week's Propellermix, Mattias and Stefan tried out both. Inspired by Nino Brown's vocal harmonies, your friends at Propellerhead locked themselves in the studio for a Propellermix duel! Two people entered, two remixes came out. Take a listen below!

Want to add vocals, an instrument or remix the original yourself? Simply open it in Take or Reason and start making music. We'd love to hear what you come up with so send us a tweet to @PropellerheadSW or share your music on our Facebook page.


Buy an FP-80 or FP-50 between now and April 30th 2015, and you€ll get a stand worth over 100... for free!

by Dan Gonzalez A word on Vocal FX Mixing vocals is a tricky process since it is the most prominent element in any song. Vocals can be processed a very specific way to achieve an effect of sorts – or they can be processed in subtle ways to fit nicely into an overall mix. Most [...]

Completing the UR range of audio interfaces comes now the UR242. It’s a 4 input, 2 output USB 2.0 interface, and as all URs, it boasts 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality. The main incentive this time round, however, are possibly the included DSP-powered effects that are obviously a rarity at this price point.

While it isn’t available this very moment, the UR242 will globally be available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop within this month.

The UR242’s features at a glance:

  • 24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface
  • 2 Class-A D-PRE mic preamps supporting +48 V phantom power
  • 2 combo inputs with PAD (Hi-Z switch on input 1), 2 TRS line inputs, 2 TRS line outputs and headphones jack with independent level control
  • Latency-free DSP powered monitoring with REV-X reverb, Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classics (VST 3 plug-in version also included)
  • dspMixFx editor application for Windows, OS X and iPad
  • MIDI input and output
  • Rugged full-metal housing
  • Loopback function for streaming performances live to the Internet
  • Includes Cubase AI DAW software download version
  • Cross-platform compatibility for Windows, OS X and iPad (with Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/Lightening to USB Camera Adapter)

Read more

Came across this problem today.

Try to render and would and Reaper would crash.

Narrowed it down to Garritan.

A possible fix:

Go to Options – Preferences – Plugins – VST


Look for Inform plugins of offline rendering…

Tick the box.

Try rendering and hopefully it should now be fixed.

another hobby of mine


Variety Of Sound

on 2015-3-08 2:07pm GMT

If you are a user of Waves plugins as I am you may be aware of their weekend deals.

Sometimes, sometimes an offer comes up that burns a hole in your pocket.

Waves Signature Series Bass and Drums $99!!!

Has got to be one of those.

  • Nine multi-effect plugins plugins for bass and drums
  • Created in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig and Tony Maserati
  • Bring the sounds of top producers and engineers to your studio

Plugins Contained:

CLA Bass $125

CLA Drums $150

Eddie Kramer Bass Channel $125

Eddie Kramer Drum Channel $ 125

JJP Bass $125

JJP Cymbals and Percussion $125

JJP Drums $125

Maserati B72 $125

Maserati DRM $125

Above are the regular prices of each individual plugin.

The regular price of this collection is $500.

I own CLA Bass, CLA Drums,Eddie Kramer Bass and Eddie Kramer Drums already and love each one especially the Eddie Kramer stuff.

Makes light work of drums having these specifically designed plugins.

Check it out at Waves

The ProMars Plug-Out software synth is a complete replica of the rare ProMars synth, coming soon for the AIRA System-1 .

In sequencer_baby we can increase the range of notes available by using right click and stretching the green bar.


Click here to view the embedded video.

You can create a pattern and transpose it using midi via Reaper.

You’ll need to insert a couple of midi items onto your track.

I have used Reaper’s synth plugin for an instrument – if goes after sequencer_megababy in the fx chain.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Reaper’s sequencer_megababy Tranpose.

You can by using your left click drag the green bar into different ranges or change the start note of your pattern.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Yamaha add two new models to the E-Series range of keyboards.

Propellermix: Bittersweet



on 2015-3-05 11:20am GMT

At Propellerhead we love making music, especially together with others. From time to time, we select a piece of music made by you, remix it and share it with the world as a Propellermix. This week we fell in love with the song Bittersweet Demo by WolfKaiser93. The song is equal parts radio pop and synth anthem, checking all the boxes to be the next hipster hit! We simply had to expand it in Reason. Take a listen to the result above!

Want to add vocals, an instrument or re-arrange the song? Just open it in Take or Reason to add your own part. And if you want to try your hand at remixing the original yourself—simply open it in Figure, Take or Reason and start making music. We'd love to hear what you come up with so make sure you send us a tweet @PropellerheadSW or share your music on our Facebook page.

We’re back with another expansion pack for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. This time it’s all to do with offering you the perfect drum sounds and patterns that will put the house in your house music productions. “Future Past Perfect intertwines the classic sounds of the past with sonic hints of the future, landing on the perfect blend for the present,” comments producer, DJ and composer Dean Coleman. Key features:
  • 33 electronic drum kits produced by Dean Coleman
  • Over 500 electronic sounds including kicks, snares, hi-hat, percussion, stabs and SFX
  • Complete production kits for New York house, future house, progressive house and electro
  • Hundreds of groove patterns for instant beat programming
Read more Buy now

Steinberg is pleased to announce the availability of new maintenance updates for Cubase and Nuendo. The 7.5.40 update for Cubase/Cubase Artist and the 6.5.40 update for Nuendo improve the search functionality in the MediaBay and resolve several issues. In addition, the Nuendo update adds the Mute Events option to the AAF filter.
All updates are now available for free download from the Steinberg website. For detailed information please view the corresponding version history on the download page.
Download Cubase 7.5.40
Download Cubase Artist 7.5.40
Download Nuendo 6.5.40

With a rustic, bluesy twang thanks to the recycled motor oil can and basswood frame, the BOHO series electric guitars are available in four variations.

by Dan Gonzalez Impulse responses (IRs) are small bursts of audio data that represent the frequency response of a real life space. By using convolution reverbs we can use them creatively in our productions to increase depth and ambience.   The concept To accurately represent a real life space, you need to excite it with [...]

Yamaha reveal two new digital piano models, the P-45 and P-115.

Now priced at just 369, the Roland Aira System 1 Plug-Out Synthesizer packs years of vintage Roland synths into one affordable unit!

- Offer Valid in the U.S. and Canada Only – 


 - Offer Valid in the U.S. and Canada Only – 

The design philosophy behind Mackie MRmk3 Series Powered Studio Monitors is centered on the idea that music is all that matters. MRmk3 reference monitors are designed to enhance your sonic experience at every level.

Now, during March and April, you can save big on all MRmk3 monitors right at the register. This includes the 5″ MR5mk3, the 6″ MR6mk3, the 8″ MR8mk3 and the MR10Smk3 studio subwoofer.

This is an Instant Savings promotion. So, you get the discount right at the register from any participating Authorized US/Canada Mackie Dealer during the promotion period.

Here’s the amount you instantly save per model:

  • MR5mk3 – $30 instant rebate per speaker
  • MR6mk3 – $50 instant rebate per speaker
  • MR8mk3 - $50 instant rebate per speaker
  • MR10Smk3 – $50 instant rebate per speaker




- Offer Valid for U.S. and Canada Customers Only – 


- Offer Valid for U.S. and Canada Customers Only – 

Only the newly-revised Mackie Thump Powered Loudspeakers deliver the class-leading, chest-thumping low end you deserve. With 1000+ watts of power, you get the high output you need in a package that’s tough, lightweight and portable. Featuring a built-in 3-band EQ and designed by the world’s leader in portable sound, Thump delivers power, performance and proven quality.

And, now, during the month of March, you can get serious cash back on all three Thump models. This offer is valid for U.S and Canadian residents only from participating, authorized Mackie dealers.

Here’s the amount you will get back per model:

Here’s the full details on how to claim your rebate:

1. Purchase a Thump12, Thump15 or Thump18S from an Authorized Mackie Dealer between March 1, 2015 and March 31, 2015. (NOTE: B-stock products DO NOT qualify)

2. Go to and enter OFFER CODE: MCK-1004 USA for purchases made in the U.S. and OFFER CODE: MCK-1004 CAN for purchases made in Canada. Or search for the offer and pre-register your rebate online.

3. Enter all the information requested, then print and sign the rebate form

4. Customers must mail in the following within 30 days of purchase:

–  A legible copy of the original, dated invoice or purchase receipt. (Keep the original for your records). Note – If you bought a floor demo, you must send a copy of a store-printed receipt that indicates “no box.”

– The original box UPC code(s)

– Completed mail-in rebate form

5. Offer valid for U.S. and Canadian residents only.

6. Qualified customers will receive an American Express Prepaid Reward Card



[Many photos; this conference is way too vivd to tell it all in words.] Cakewalk’s SONAR Platinum, along with many other Gibson Brands’ products are making a splash in Utrecht Netherlands this weekend at DanceFair 2015.  EDM has had strong roots in Utrecht, and in the Netherlands in general for quite some time, so it’s [...]

Like the original Uni-Vibe pedal, the EHX Good Vibes modulator pedal uses photocells for a tone response true to the classic design.

From summer, the new worldwide release date for new music will be Fridays.

Available in three colourways, Cherry, Cherry Burst and Tobacco Burst, the monitors feature iconic Gibson Les Paul styling, with a flame maple gloss finish to the arch top front.

Reason Producer: Sam Heim



on 2015-2-25 2:01pm GMT

Samuel Aneheim Ulvenäs AKA Sam Heim is a Swedish producer who lives and breathes Reason. He just produced Fredrik Jean Venard's debut single 'Business' and when we heard it here at PropellerHQ, we absolutely loved it. Sam is also a really nice guy and when we met him at Dreamhill Studios, we talked him into sharing a Combinator patch from the song! Read what Sam had to say and grab the distorted piano patch below:


"My name is Samuel and I started out as what you call a "bedroom producer", hanging around EDM forums a lot and speaking to other producers where we all exchanged experience with each other and just had fun. Some of them very successful today; Dj Deamon (Madeon) and Ekowraith (Porter Robinson). I've been producing in Reason since version 2.5 and it's still my go-to DAW. One of the many reasons that I love Reason is because of its great audio processing and its creatively humble workflow that lets me jump in to an idea as quick as I need to. Today I'm located at Dreamhill Studios in Stockholm, founded by producer and songwriter Anders Bagge.

When I produced this particular song, I wanted to create an ambient atmosphere that would sit well with the hip hop beat and Fredriks voice, but I still wanted it to be a bit edgy. With all my love for distortion and reverb I came up with this idea of a sound that I wanted to share with you guys."


Download the patch (Please note: the patch uses the Synapse DR-1 Deep Reverb, but it can be opened without it)

Launch your music for less, save on the Novation Launch range!

Make more music! Reason is easy to get started with, yet as deep as you want it to be. It€s the music-making software that keeps you focused on what matters most: your music. Here's Top 5 reasons why you should own it!

Les Paul's prototype Black Beauty guitar was sold last night for far less than what it was expected to! Someone just grabbed a bargain...

Buy Spark LE before 15/3/15 and get 4 free Expansion packs. Wide ranging content that will cover any style from Dubstep to Film Scores. That's on top of the analogue modeling and amazing samples in Spark 2.

Britain's most popular singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran has once again teamed up with Martin, with part of proceeds going to charity.

by Dan Gonzalez Commitment to Design As SONAR fanatics, we tend to constantly improve and optimize our interface to make it more fluid and user-friendly. In the new SONAR, our sends and fx stacking have taken on a new look to better suit the needs of the modern day mixing engineer. This new look adopts [...]

by Dan Gonzalez There are a lot new things going on inside of the new SONAR Platinum, Professional, and Artist especially in some of the parts of the interface that aren’t so obvious. Did you know that we made some enhancements to our Media Browser and Drag and Drop mechanism? Well, it’s pretty useful stuff – [...]

It's already stuffed full of great sounding synths, samplers and effects but for a limited time only you can get 160 worth of free Rack Extensions when you buy a new copy of Reason.

Available until 28/2/15, get a flipping awesome Rootmaster cab for free with the Rootmaster 420 head & cab or Rootmaster Combo amp. More low end for less loot.

Ashdown have released a gorgeous offer for you all this Valentines, giving away free Rootmaster cabs! Read on for more info...